Fans at NYCC See First Clips for Third Season of The Owl House

Warning: The content in this article contains spoilers for the upcoming third and final season of Disney’s The Owl House.

When season 2 of The Owl House aired its finale, fans were left hanging on a big cliff! Since then, eyes and ears were pointed toward Dana Terrace and the rest of the Owl House crew for any sort of hint on the next chapter. On Friday at NYCC, fans finally got a taste of what’s to come for Luz, Amity, Hunter, Willow, and Gus! Fans were able to see the first six minutes of the next episode, which was then released on social media in the form of two isolated clips that can be viewed below.

The first clip showed Gus and Hunter in what appears to be the Noceda basement, where Gus (Issac Ryan Brown) and Hunter (Zeno Robinson) are given a floor mattress to sleep on. Gus, the human enthusiast, has a blast rummaging through the various junk. Meanwhile, Hunter is trying to be on his best behavior in front of Luz’s mother, who is still trying to get used to so many new kids in her house. The second clip shows a bit more of Luz (Sarah-Nicole Robles), who is still coming to terms with her time-traveling involvement in history and how her friends would react to the knowledge. Hunter joins her, expressing his own concerns about the gang finding out that he’s a grimwalker (a magic clone) created by Belos.


Shortly after these two clips, fans were treated to what appears to be a montage of time passing by in the human realm. The kids grow, Hunter gets his hair cut by Willow (Tati Gabrielle), Luz officially comes out as bisexual to her mom, and Luz shows Amity (Mae Whitman) the non-burning rain of the human realm. All the while, the gang (with the basilisk Vee, played by Michaela Dietz, joining in) conducts many experiments and trials to re-open the door that leads to the boiling isles. The montage ends with Luz looking down at the approaching school bus, an ominous hint at shenanigans to come. This montage has not been officially shared online but has been recorded by attendees and posted to social media.

Hellos and Goodbyes

The Owl House

The Owl House panel was overall bittersweet, as it was both the show’s first and last panel since its premiere in 2020. Despite the series gaining critical acclaim and a large fanbase, Disney did not consider the show enough of a success to warrant a proper third season. Instead, season three will consist of three 44-minute specials. Terrace expressed disappointment over the topics the crew had to cut in order to finish the show’s story in a shorter time. According to Polygon, cut topics included Hooty’s true origin, and more backstory for Eda and Raine, which were Terrace’s favorite characters to write. She also stated that the crew went all out, wanting to make sure that The Owl House ended with a bang.

The Owl House is a show that is truly special in the hearts of its fans. The show was not only praised for its wild imagination, charming characters, and LGBTQ+ representation. It’s also a love letter to the weird kids from all walks of life, the book nerds, the collectors, the enthusiasts. The first two seasons of The Owl House are available to stream on Disney+, and the first of the three specials is set to premiere on October 15th on the Disney Channel at 9 PM EST.