Exclusive: Turbo Cola Clip Teases a Convenience Store Heist Gone Wrong in 1999

The new film Turbo Cola is available to watch on digital, and to coincide with the release, we can share an exclusive clip from the movie. A coming-of-age drama set on the final night of 1999, the film takes viewers back to a bygone era when many were afraid of what “Y2K” would bring as one young man hatches a plan to kick off the new millennium with a load of stolen cash.. You can catch a sneak peek of the film by watching our exclusive clip below.

Turbo Cola is an indie film based on the play New Years’ Eve at the Stop N Go by Samantha Oty. The movie is the feature film debut of director Luke Covert and producer Brandon Keeton. The film stars Nick Stoesser, Jared Spears, Jordyn Denning, Landon Tavernier, Brooke Maroon, Anthony Notarile, Erin Nordseth, Brandon Keeton, Erik Neill, and Michelle Hall. Matas Kiskis co-wrote the script and Dennis Robert Thomas served as director of photography.


You can read an official synopsis for Turbo Cola below.

Austin Morris is foregoing the biggest party of the year to work overtime at the Quality Mart, much to the chagrin of his friends and new girlfriend, Mary Jane. What his friends don’t know is that his true plan is to rob the store’s ATM with his stoner side-kick, Swearsky, so that he can be with the girl of his dreams. This New Year’s Eve…1999…will change everything.

Turbo Cola Is Set in the 1990s

To pull off filming Turbo Cola, the filmmakers shot as a gas station in New Cumberland for two weeks after convincing the owners to close up shop a bit earlier at night during that time. The cast and crew then spent that time shooting overnight from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. There also needed to be great efforts made to have the store look like it was open at the tail end of 1999, which meant “designing fake soda labels, purchasing secondhand ATMs and buying legal fake money that’s from the 1990s.”

“We did a photo shoot before we went to set on the very first night. [The actor] Anthony Notarile, he plays the character Eric. He showed up to the photo shoot in an outfit that I actually owned in 1999, down to the belt.” producer Brandon Keeton told PennLive, noting how shooting the period piece felt nostalgic.

The story gets its inspiration from New Years’ Eve at the Stop N Go, a play penned by Samantha Oty. Of why he agreed to direct the project when asked by Keeton, director Luke Covert added, “I really, really liked play. And I thought that it was strangely compact enough of a story that we might be able to pull it off – it didn’t have helicopters flying over the Nile River or anything like that.”

Turbo Cola is available to rent and purchase on digital. You can watch the official trailer below.