Exclusive The Nan Movie Clip: Catherine Tate Busts a Move in the Club as Nan

Catherine Tate takes Nan to theaters on July 22, 2022, the foul-mouthed grandmother from her BBC series The Catherine Tate Show. The Nan Movie follows the titular character on a road trip to Ireland to make amends with her dying sister.

Alongside Tate in the cast is Matthew Horne, Katherine Parkinson, Parker Sawyers, Tom Vaughn-Lawlor, Jack Doolan, and Niky Wardley. It’s written by Tate and Brett Goldstein. The official synopsis reads: “Catherine Tate’s beloved character Joannie Taylor AKA Nan hits the big screen as she goes on a wild road trip from London to Ireland with her long-suffering grandson Jamie to make amends with her estranged and dying sister Nell. Through a series of flashbacks, we see the young sisters fall in love with the same handsome GI during World War II and how the consequences of this love triangle shaped Nan into the cantankerous old b*****d she is today. Militant vegan arsonists, Australian rugby teams, all-night raves, and crazed cops on motorbikes all make for a proper day out. Hilarious, action-packed, and surprisingly moving, this film is a love letter to outrageous, outspoken old ladies everywhere.”


Ahead of the release of The Nan Movie, we have an exclusive clip to premiere. “Where’s my Nan?” begins the clip as we see a panicked man. He looks over a ledge in the club, and we see Nan on a stage with the DJ, busting some moves before doing a stage dive. You can watch it in full below.

Exclusive The Nan Movie Clip

Fans of Tate can recognize her from many other projects like Doctor Who, Love and Other Disasters, Starter for 10, and the US version of The Office. The Catherine Tate show has received multiple awards and ran for three seasons, spawning several spin-offs including Nan, of which character is perhaps the most fun and humorous. In an interview with Heart, a host asked Nan if she should tell her office crush that she was in love with him. “Has he got a few quid?” replied Nan, “If he has then chance it, who cares?” Encouraging her to “risk it for a biscuit.”

Tate can currently be seen in her new series Hard Cell on Netflix and will return as Donna Noble next year in Doctor Who to coincide with the show’s 60th anniversary. The Nan Movie is a production of Great Point Media, Sulcata Productions, and Zahala Productions.