Exclusive Delia’s Gone Clip: Some Things You Only Get With a Gun

Louis lives with a disability and is wrongfully convicted of his sister Delia’s murder. After serving 5 years in prison, he’s released and visited by one of the last few people to see his sister alive, who leads him to believe there is more to know about the killing.

Delia’s Gone stars Stephan James, Marisa Tomei, Travis Fimmel, Paul Walter Hauser, and Genelle Williams. It’s directed by Robert Budreau, who also wrote alongside Michael Hamblin.

As Delia’s Gone is set to release in theaters on August 19, 2022, we have an exclusive clip to premiere. “Pull up in front of the pharmacy here,” begins the clip as Louis drives Delia down the street. He pulls over, and she tells him to wait there for 5 minutes while she loads a gun. “What do you need that for?” he asks. “Some things you only get with a gun,” she replies before heading through an alleyway and into a building. Sheriffs approach Louis as he waits in the truck and tell him to move because he’s too close to a fire hydrant. “What’re you doing here anyhow?” they ask. “I’m waiting for Delia,” he replies. The sheriffs walk off and Delia returns before he moves the truck. She urgently tells him to drive. You can watch it in full below.


Delia’s Gone Synopsis & Trailer

The official synopsis for Delia’s Gone reads: Delia’s Gone follows Louis (Stephen James), who has an intellectual disability and lives with his older sister Delia (Genelle Williams) amidst her struggles with addiction following their father’s death. After a night of drinking, Delia’s truck is found abandoned at a bar, drawing suspicion from the local sheriff (Marisa Tomei) who soon discovers she’s been killed. All evidence points to Louis who, pressured by police, pleads guilty and is sentenced to five years in prison for his sister’s murder. Upon release, Louis is confined to a home care facility where he is visited by Stacker (Travis Fimmel), one of the men to last see Delia alive, who implies that there is more to her death than meets the eye. Armed with this new information, Louis escapes the facility on a personal mission to find who is responsible for Delia’s mysterious death.

Fans of James can recognize him for his role as Jesse Owens in Race, Alonzo “Fonny” Hunt in If Beale Street Could Talk, John Lewis in Selma, and more. The rest of the cast are also no stranger to the screen, as Hauser can be recognized for his role as Shawn in I, Tonya, Tomei for her role as Cassidy in The Wrestler, and Fimmel for his role as Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings. Director Budreau can also be recognized for his previous work as the director of Born to be Blue and Stockholm, of which each star Ethan Hawke.

Delia’s Gone comes to us from Vertical Entertainment.