Exclusive: Anthony Michael Hall Says John Hughes Would Be Proud of Homage Film The Class

Nicholas Celozzi’s new movie The Class was developed with the intention of paying homage to late filmmaker John Hughes and his widely-celebrated 80s classic, The Breakfast Club. Making it clear from the start how much respect he has for the film, Celozzi even managed to cast two of its stars with Anthony Michael Hall appearing in The Class with John Kapelos. The plots of the two movies are also similar, as The Class follows a group of youths spending a Saturday completing an exam they’d missed or failed, only to learn more about themselves and each other by the end of the day.

In our new exclusive interview with Hall, the actor says how he never expected to ever again read a screenplay that reminded him of Hughes, but that Celozzi managed to impress him with the quality of The Class’s script. Hooked by the screenplay, Hall was pretty quick to get on board, teasing that even with many similarities to The Breakfast Club, The Class presents several strong character arcs of its own to keep the film compelling in its own way. From the interview:


“With this, Melissa, it was really interesting because, as I said, I was just shocked, I think, that with this project, it’s obviously not a remake, but it’s certainly inspired by structurally what The Breakfast Club was. It’s six kids instead of five, but the thing that was the most compelling for me was the quality of the writing and that the stakes were higher. Considering art reflects life, we’re trying to bring something to life for a younger millennial audience. I think that coincided nicely with this material. All the character arcs are really strong. All the challenges, conflicts, and the things they’re dealing with interpersonally and individually make it special. I was happy to read the screenplay and to see he really captured that. He did a great job with it.”

Anthony Michael Hall Says The Class Is Like John Hughes For Modern Audiences

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Sadly, John Hughes passed away in 2009 at the age of 59, though the legacy he left behind is still widely celebrated. While no new filmmaker could ever truly replicate the unique touch Hughes left on all of his films, but for AMH, Celozzi certainly comes close with The Class. Hall is confident that Hughes would be very proud of what the cast and crew of The Class have managed to accomplish, thanks in part to the inspiration from The Breakfast Club and Hughes’ other movies.

“Back to the stakes and Nicki’s screenplay, he did a beautiful job because all of them have these really strong arcs. They’re all coming in with their own composite of issues and different things going on, but, ultimately, at their core, the thing they all have to reveal is powerful. I really believe John Hughes would be very much impressed and proud of what Nicki’s done here. He was able to elevate all of that to a modern-day for a younger audience.”

The Class is now available in select theaters and on VOD. Watch the trailer below.