Exclusive: An Estranged Sibling Crashes a Couple’s Weekend Retreat in To the Moon Clip

From 1091 Pictures, the new movie To the Moon has just arrived on digital platforms, and to give you a sneak peek, we have an exclusive clip to premiere. The film had a special screening in Brooklyn on Sept. 19 followed by its Sept. 20 digital release in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The film is about a couple whose lives are changed forever with the arrival of a mysterious man during what’s supposed to be a private getaway, and you can see how that begins in our clip below.

To the Moon serves as the directorial debut of actor-turned-director Scott Friend. Along with writing and directing the film, Friend also stars alongside Madeleine Morgenweck as the couple featured in the center of the story. The two also appeared together in Kevin Tran’s acclaimed indie mystery thriller The Dark End of the Street, while Friend can also notably be seen in Dan Sallitt’s Gotham Independent Film award-winning feature Fourteen. Also starring as the brother of Friend’s character to round out the intimate cast of three is Will Brill, known for his roles in the popular TV shows The OA and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as well as the indie horror movie The Eyes of My Mother.


To the Moon is produced by Cate Smierciak (Zia Anger’s My Last Film), Everett Hendler (Satan and Adam, The Dark End of the Street), Stephanie Randall, David Formentin (The Eyes of My Mother), and Gabriel Wilson.

To the Moon Will Ideally Resonate With Viewers

1091 Pictures

“With To the Moon, I wanted to explore the themes of love, addiction, and enabling in the context of family,” director and star Scott Friend said in a statement when the film was announced last year. “This film, in all of its offbeat and dark humor, is very close to my heart and I hope it resonates with audiences as well as entertains.”

The official synopsis for To the Moon is as follows:

To the Moon follows Dennis and Mia, a young couple who find their weekend retreat becomes a hallucinatory nightmare when Dennis’ estranged brother Roger arrives and begins to distort their senses. A dysfunctional family study by way of psychological, psychedelic thriller that plays out under the weight of addiction and takes its three leads to darkly funny lows, the film takes the trope of the uninvited house guest and turns it into a metaphor for the fallout of trauma on the relationship between a young couple.

To the Moon is now available on digital platforms. You can check out the full trailer for the film below, courtesy of 1091 Pictures.