Everything Everywhere All at Once Directors Ink Exclusive Deal With Universal

One of the breakout films of 2022 has been A24’s Everything Everywhere All At Once, made by directing duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert. The duo, known as The Daniels, made names for themselves directing music videos for such artists as Foster the People, Tenacious D, and Lil Jon before making the jump to feature films. 2016’s Swiss Army Man, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano, was a well-received first outing for the pair, but The Daniels’ sophomore project is what’s put them on the map in a major way. Everything Everywhere has grossed more than $100 million worldwide, the most of any film in the history of A24. The eye-popping success of Everything Everywhere is being noticed by major studios, leading The Daniels to ink an exclusive deal with one of the biggest names in Hollywood.


Multiple outlets are reporting Universal has locked The Daniels into a five-year partnership to continue making their unique brand of films. Via The Hollywood Reporter, Universal chairman Donna Langley explained why the studio was so eager to bring The Daniels into the fold for the long-term:

“[The] Daniels are creators who have evolved their craft with a distinct vision and singular voice that is unmistakable across the spectrum of content vying for viewer’s attention. Their films are remarkably theatrical and with only two original projects under their belts, they’ve merely scratched the surface of what they are capable of as filmmakers. We’re grateful they’ve chosen to go on their journey with us.”

While the deal with Universal is for films specifically, The Daniels’ next project is set to be a half-hour comedy for Showtime titled Mason, starring comedian Nathan Min and Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead and Nope. It’s unknown what the next theatrical production will be for The Daniels, but it will be released under the banner of Universal when it’s ready to hit theaters.

Universal is Continuing to Invest in Original Films


The move by Universal is part of a continued effort by the studio to partner with exciting filmmakers that are making original features. Much like The Daniels, Jordan Peele signed a five-year exclusive film deal with Universal back in 2019 following the success of Get Out and Us. The first film under that partnership was just released a few weeks ago, with Nope scoring the highest opening weekend for an original film since Us three years ago. Nope recently passed the $80 million domestic mark, and should soon become Peele’s third film to hit $100 million. The working relationship between Peele and Universal has been strong since Get Out, and if Nope is any indication, it’s going to continue to build over the next few years.

Universal is clearly hoping The Daniels will be able to find similar success to what Peele has been able to accomplish with the studio. The careers of the young filmmaking team are off to a promising start, and Everything Everywhere is the type of project that could give the pair a greenlight to make whatever type of film they’d like with Universal’s backing. Given the positive reception audiences and critics gave to Everything Everywhere, it seems as if the sky is the limit as The Daniels continue to make a name for themselves in Hollywood.