Enola Holmes 2: Henry Cavill Has Disappointing Opinion on Sherlock Spin-Off

Henry Cavill is a busy man right now. Having recently stepped aside from his role as Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix series The Witcher, the actor has returned to screens as Superman in the DCU movie Black Adam, and also reprised his part as Sherlock Holmes in Millie Bobby Brown-led movie Enola Holmes 2. However, while many people have become more than a little attached to his take on the super-sleuth of Baker Street, and the Enola Holmes sequel hinting at a possible spin-off for Cavill, the actor has shot down the idea that he could be about to get his own movie or series playing Sherlock.

Enola Holmes 2 saw the return of Millie Bobby Brown as the titular investigator and sister of the great Sherlock, who she is constantly trying to step out of the shadow of. While Cavill had a limited role in the original movie, this time around, he has more screen time and even gets a very telling post-credits scene appearance in which he is acquainted with a certain John Watson.


The post-credits scene instantly had fans questioning whether the scene was a hint at a spin-off centering on Holmes being in consideration, especially given the movie’s reveal about his arch-nemesis, Moriarty. However, fans could be left disappointed as Cavill has seemingly shot down the chances of a Sherlock-centric movie being made anytime soon. He told The Wrap:

“I think ‘How is there hope for him?’ would be answered in any future movies were they to happen. There’s always whisperings of these sort of things, but nothing is ever official until you enter the first day of shooting, and even then until you finish shooting and even then it has to come out. Right now that’s a that’s all always brings but I don’t know of anything official just yet. The universe is very much Enola’s and she’ll always be involved. I think it’s important to make that connection between he two characters.”

Will There Be An Enola Holmes 3?


Considering the popularity of the character – the movie debuted at #1 on Netflix’s movie chart – and both Brown and Cavill, it is hard to imagine that there will not be more adventures to come for the young detective and her older brother. Of course, there is a final season of Stranger Things coming for Brown, and potentially numerous outings as Superman for Cavill, but there is no reason why a new Enola Holmes movie could not be filmed in between these.

There is a definite shift in the hierarchy of the Holmes siblings in the second movie compared to the first, something that Cavill went on to discuss, and something that could be developed further in a third movie. He said:

“I think Enola has a lot to teach Sherlock, certainly about the world he’s living in, even though he may have an awareness of the lack of fairness of the world, especially when it comes to women living in the world, he is not even close to understanding what it’s like,” Cavill said. “He has a lot to learn from Enola in that especially going from the first movie into the second, but in the second, he’s taught a lesson of companionship by Enola. Not being able to rely just on himself, that it’s okay to have someone else in his life who he can turn to. Certainly in the second movie, Enola is the one helping guide Sherlock.”

Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2 are streaming now on Netflix.