Dynamite Comics to Expand Bakshi and Frazetta’s Fire and Ice in ComIcs

In 1983, animation director Ralph Bakshi and fantasy artist Frank Frazetta released their collaboration film to the world, Fire and Ice. The film, now considered a cult classic, is getting an expansion from Dynamite Comics! Bleedingcool.com brings us this news!

Fire and Ice is a peak example of 80’s sword and sorcery. Directed by Ralph Bakshi, the film takes place in a fantasy world ruled by the evil wizard Nekron and his mother Juliana, who use the powers of ice to wreak havoc upon humanity. Teegra, the princess of Firekeep, is kidnapped by Juliana’s followers, intending to make her Nekron’s bride. She escapes her captors momentarily and crosses paths with Larn, the survivor of a village that was leveled by Nekron’s glacier. As the two grow closer, the troops return and capture Teegra again. Larn then meets Darkwolf, who also has a vendetta against Nekron, and the two set off to rescue Teegra and bring the forces of ice down.


Fire and Ice was praised for its visuals, and for good reason. The movie was formed on the success of fantasy films of the time. Bakshi had always wanted to collaborate with Frazetta, and saw this as a golden opportunity. They animated the film primarily with rotoscoping, the art of shooting body actors and animating over them, to replicate the look of Frazetta’s iconic illustrations. Credited for penning the screenplay for Fire and Ice are Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas. The film also featured background art by James Gurney (Dinotopia), Thomas Kinkade, and Peter Chung (Æon Flux) doing layout work.

A Return to the Ice Age

Fire and Ice

With the 40th anniversary of Fire and Ice coming next year, Dynamite is teaming up with both Bakshi productions and the Frazetta estate to bring new life into the fantasy world. According to the announcement, the new work won’t be just an adaptation of the film, but an expansion of the universe! The project won’t be limited to comics either, there is also a tabletop game in the works as well! Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci stated the following:

“Fire and Ice is a seminal classic animated feature that is beloved by fans and creators alike. In having discussions with Sara Frazetta, and having brought up my love of the movie, she stated that we could have further conversations with Joe Weber, Sara Frazetta, and Eddie Bakshi to see if we could work on a creative direction that everyone would be happy with to expand on the series. It was important to all of us that we bring something new and grew the fantastic tapestry that came before. Fortunately we all agreed on the direction of the series, and are bringing the fans the back story of these incredible characters that will build on the movie. Then when the opportunity came to release a game based on the movie, that was just icing on the cake. I speak for myself and the team at Dynamite when I say that we are honored to work with the Frazetta family who are comic book royalty, and the legacy of the Bakshi family. We can’t wait for fans and retailers to see the series as it’s released.”

Sara Frazetta, the granddaughter of Frazetta and owner of frazettagirls.com, expressed the following in anticipation of the new partnership.

“My grandpa introduced me to his film, Fire and Ice when I was in grade school. Watching movies together, especially Fire and Ice, bonded our relationship. We felt the intensity of the scenes together. We were transported into the world he created. It was magical. Fire and Ice has remained in my top favorite films of all time and to be able to reignite the property with the Bakshi family and Dynamite is incredibly exciting!”

Eddie Bakshi, son of Ralph Bakshi and president of ralphbaskshi.com, added to the excitement.

“Bakshi Productions is excited to work with the Frazetta Girls and Dynamite Comics to create new Fire & Ice media. It is an honor to again explore the fantastic world that Frank Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi created. I know that Bakshi fans have been waiting a long time for more Fire & Ice material, and that’s what we plan to give them.”