Dwayne Johnson Thanks DC League of Super-Pets Fans For Their Support

DC League of Super-Pets may not have had a heroic box office debut, but reviews have been positive and that was something Dwayne Johnson wanted to celebrate on his social media accounts. Johnson reacted to the support the new animated movie, in which he voices Krypto, the dog of Superman, which has gained an A- grade with Cinemascore. Arriving in cinemas on July 29, the film grossed $23 million domestically, leading to the top spot at the box office despite that figure being much lower than other animated features such as Lightyear and Minions: Rise of Gru.

DC League of Super-Pets has become one of those movies that everyone who sees seems to have a good time but it doesn’t set the box office on fire. Despite having a star-studded cast, which as well as Johnson includes Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves, John Krasinski, Kate McKinnon and Natasha Lyonne, the film still has a lot to do to make back it’s $90million budget, especially when its international takings have been even lower than the domestic haul. To put it in perspective, the new movie only managed $18.4 million while Minions: Rise of Gru pulled in $35.3million despite opening five weeks ago.


However, none of that stopped Johnson enjoying the moment and praising those who have turned out to see the movie and rate it so highly. He wrote in a post on Twitter, “Ahhh a beautiful A- from our audience. THANK YOU to all the families and so happy you loved our #SuperPets For the record, I only received an A throughout my scholastic career just ONCE. In college. Miami. Political Science. Go figure.”

Dwayne Johnson Stars As Krypto In DC League of Super-Pets.

DC League of Super-Pets takes focus slightly away from the well-loved heroes of DC and turns attention on a group of super-powered animals led by Superman’s dog Krypto. Director Jared Stern recently explained how Johnson was the perfect fit for the role of Krypto, telling Screen Rant:

“We went for Dwayne because we knew that he was going to be a great fit for what we already had, and then it just got better and more interesting as we went. I think Krypto is a tricky character, because he’s cocky, he’s this guy that’s very confident because he’s got all these superpowers and he’s got the superest owner in the world, he’s Superman’s best friend, so he kind of flies above the other pets when we first meet him. But there’s a vulnerability, too, and a little bit of fear and sadness to him, because he doesn’t want to lose his best friend. That’s his only friend, he doesn’t have any other friends. So Dwayne was the perfect combo of that, you could hear in his voice when we were listening to samples, and then obviously, he crushed it once he got it in there.”

DC League of Super-Pets had some mixed early reviews which could account for the lower than expected gross of the weekend, but with the film now holding a solid 89% Rotten Tomatoes score and it’s A- Cinemascore grade, Warner Bros. will be hoping for a word of mouth boost in the coming weeks.