Dwayne Johnson Shares DC League of Super-Pets Post-Credits Scene Cameo

Although DC League of Super-Pets appears to be a child-friendly throwaway entry in Warner Bros. Discovery’s DC franchise, its post-credits scene does a pretty decent job in adding a small tie to the things going on in the live-action DCEU right now and Dwayne Johnson just couldn’t help but share it. While Johnson voices Krypto in the new animated movie, he will also be appearing in Black Adam in October, but fans haven’t had to wait until then to see Johnson in the role of the anti-hero, thanks to his post-credit appearance in DC League of Super-Pets.

Right now, Johnson seems to be as unstoppable in real life as his all-powerful Black Adam is set to be on screen, with the former wrestler having a hand in three of this year’s four DC releases in one way or another. While he had no involvement in The Batman, his company produces Shazam! Fury of the Gods, as well as the two movies he has starring roles in.


Although Black Adam was originally meant to debut this summer, the movie was delayed to the Fall, with DC League of Super-Pets taking its place in the schedule. However, it has now become clear that despite the switch-around, Johnson still makes his debut as the voice of Black Adam, and his dog Anubis, in the post-credits scene of the movie. The scene finds Black Adam having a face-to-face meeting with Superman that has become the subject of much speculation, but this time around, it doesn’t end in the kind of confrontation that fans are hoping for somewhere down the line. Check out the scene shared by Johnson below.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Could Set The DCEU’s Future Tone

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With the many changes that seem to be happening behind the scenes at Warner Bros. Discovery when it comes to the DCEU, there is every possibility that the rumored “soft reboot” of the entire franchise could be coming after The Flash. If that is the case, then Black Adam could well be a sign of a huge shake-up heading to the DCEU very soon. Johnson has professed for some time that his anti-hero is coming to “change the hierarchy” of the franchise, and although no one has quite worked out what that means, there have been hints dropped about Black Adam’s arrival in relation to the rest of the DCEU. At San Diego Comic-Con, after revealing new footage of the movie, Johnson said:

“That footage is a reflection of our tone. That footage is also a reflection of our director’s vision, who wanted to create something that was different; who wanted to create a movie that was disruptive. But also he wanted to create a movie that would start the pendulum swing in the DC universe. In addition to the hierarchy of power that I’ve been talking about, this pendulum swing [will] usher in a new era of the DC Universe. A new antihero era; a new era of tone, and a new era of story. And also, it’s this incredible opportunity that we have at Seven Bucks Productions for Black Adam’s storytelling to build out the DC Universe with disruption and with respect. Listening to the fans, because they’ll always guide you.”

What this all means for the DCEU beyond 2023 is something that is yet to be mapped out by Warner Bros. Discovery, but with a new Marvel-style 10-year plan being discussed, it seems that things are going to be different for the franchise going forward as the studio attempt to put the issues of the past behind them.