Dwayne Johnson Breaks Down How Black Adam Will Change DCEU Movies Forever

Dwayne Johnson has teased for months that Black Adam will “change the hierarchy of the DCEU.” While speaking recently to Screen Rant, the former wrestler has now explained in a little more detail exactly what that means and how the tone of the movie is an important step forward for Warner Bros. DC franchise. While the trailers have delivered a lot, fans still have a few months to wait to finally see Black Adam’s full impact, but they have liked what they have seen so far.

Warner Bros. DC panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was not the barnstorming performance that many had hoped for, with the studio deciding to focus only on its 2022 live-action releases and avoid mentioning pretty much anything coming next year. Of the previews they did provide, Black Adam and the appearance of Johnson was probably the best on show of what they had to offer, and Johnson certainly took the opportunity to lay down the groundwork for what Black Adam is going to do to the DCEU. He said:

“That footage is a reflection of our tone. That footage is also a reflection of our director’s vision, who wanted to create something that was different; who wanted to create a movie that was disruptive. But also he wanted to create a movie that would start the pendulum swing in the DC universe. In addition to the hierarchy of power that I’ve been talking about, this pendulum swing [will] usher in a new era of the DC Universe. A new antihero era; a new era of tone, and a new era of story. And also, it’s this incredible opportunity that we have at Seven Bucks Productions for Black Adam’s storytelling to build out the DC Universe with disruption and with respect. Listening to the fans, because they’ll always guide you.”

Black Adam Will Not Feature Any Big DCEU Cameos

Although there have been several rumors about an appearance by Henry Cavill’s Superman or Zachary Levi’s Shazam, there will apparently be no such cross-overs coming with Black Adam in his first adventure as it is all about him and his origin. Director Jaume Collet-Serra, who reteams up with The Rock following their work together on Disney’s Jungle Cruise, recently shut down the rumors saying:

“Our movie is an original story. By the time the movie ends, he doesn’t know who Shazam or Superman is. He has to adapt to why he is here, what the world is about.”

Collet-Serra also went on to heap praise on Johnson, explaining that whatever anyone expects of the actor is not what they will see in Black Adam, and Johnson brings a great presence to the role. He explained to Deadline:

“He has such a presence. Black Adam doesn’t speak a lot, which allows him to tap into different resources. He can let his presence permeate in a scene in such a way versus other roles where he has had more interaction with people. You can tell he’s comfortable in the role. The moment he walks on set, it’s like a boxer walking into the arena.”