Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Features Characters from the 80s Cartoon

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves promises to bring all the joy of the game to life. From the trailer, which was released yesterday and can be viewed below, fans can easily expect a ton of fun on top of plenty of larger-than-life action. But another fun detail was released from the Paramount Pictures panel at San Diego Comic-Con, where they showed a clip from the movie involving Chris Pine’s party facing off against a rival group of adventurers in a maze-like arena… and the rival group is none other than the gang from the 1980’s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon!

For many young millennials at the time, this was their introduction to Dungeons and Dragons! The cartoon followed a group of six children as they are transported to a fantasy world. The kids take on the various classes that players can choose at home and set off on an adventure to find their way home! The series was a co-production between Marvel Productions and TSR, with Toei Animation providing the animation.


The show ran for a total of three seasons, twenty-seven episodes in total. The show infamously ended on a cliffhanger, where the kids never officially made it home. Though later on the script of the unproduced finale was released online by screenwriter Michael Reeves. The characters were also subjected to various merchandise of the time such as a board game, books, a card game, and toys!

The Legacy of The Little Adventurers

Dungeons & Dragons

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon has been looked upon with both fondness and humorously among tabletop fans. The characters have been referenced in numerous D&D stories, referencing that they had either died horrible deaths or found happiness in their new home world. In 2020, the group made a surprise appearance in, of all things, a Brazilian car commercial! The commercial could also be viewed as the new finale, due to the children climbing into the advertised car and driving back home through an inter-dimensional portal!

Wizards of the Coast is currently gearing up to release a new starter set for Dungeons and Dragons, Dragons of Stormwreck Isle, which will feature adventurers “inspired by” the gang. According to dicebreaker.com, the new set will not feature the official characters, but will be heavily inspired by them. The new set is on track to release in September of this year.

Dungeons and Dragons continues to inspire generation after generation and in fresh new incarnations. With the upcoming movie, the tabletop community is growing larger than ever. But while it’s great to look ahead, sometimes it’s also fun to look back from where we’ve come. For some newcomers, the cartoon could be seen as cheesy ’80s fluff. For others, it’s a cherished memory that first introduced them to the fantastical adventures we love and cherish. All in all, it’s great to see that the adventures haven’t ended just yet for the spirited group, and that writers can still have as much fun with them as ever!

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is coming to theaters in March 2023.