Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 3 Trailer is Unleashed

The legends continue! The plucky young dragon riders continue their adventure in Dragons: The Nine Realms season three, premiering on Hulu and Peacock August 18th! The trailer can be viewed below.

Dragons: The Nine Realms is a sequel series to Dreamwork’s’ landmark How to Train Your Dragon series. Set 1,300 years after the events of the films, dragons have been long forgotten by mankind. But when a strange fissure mysteriously opens up in the earth’s crust, four kids are dragged along as their parents are assigned to study the new anomaly. But it’s the children who make the biggest discovery of them all, dragons have been hiding underground for years, and it looks like they’re ready to spread their wings!


John Tellegen is credited as showrunner and executive producer for Dragons: The Nine Realms. Alongside him are Chuck Austen and Henry Gilroy as executive producers. Beth Sleven is also credited as supervising producer. The series also stars Jeremy Shada, Julia Stiles, Haley Joel Osment, Marcus Scribner, Aimee Garcia, Ashley Liao, Lauren Tom, Keston John, Justina Machado, and D’arcy Carden.

More Dragons, More to Explore!

Dragons: The Nine Realms

If you weren’t around for season 2, it ended on a major cliffhanger! When Thunder goes missing, the dragon riders set off to find him. During their trek to find him, Tom reveals a big secret to the others. Earlier in the series, Thunder etched a very familiar symbol on the cave walls. Tom confirms that it matches the symbol painted on a family heirloom of his, an ancient viking helmet. This confirms that Tom and Thunder are linked somehow in one way or another. Though, while the official Dreamworks social media states that Thunder is a direct descendant of Toothless, this is the closest hint audiences have gotten that Tom could be a descendant of Hiccup (he does bear a few traits similar to Astrid).

After finding Thunder, it is revealed that he was searching for the dragon that separated him from his family. The group comes face to face with a dragon longtime fans would recognize, the Skrill! This species of dragon was initially introduced in passing in the first How to Train Your Dragon, but was brought on as a formidable foe in Dragons: Defenders of Berk. That threat still lives on all these years later, with this Skrill and Thunder keeping on the age-old battle. With the help of the other riders, Thunder and Tom manage to overtake the Skrill and cause it to flee into a new region of the hidden world, covered in lava. The group vows to help Tom understand the mystery of his family, as well as helping Thunder reunite with his lost tribe.

Judging from the trailer, we’re going to see even more familiar dragons! From the brief clips, we get to see such familiar dragons as the Monstrous Nightmare, Fireworms, and Gronkles! June’s brother Eugene is also going to be posing a threat, as well as Buzzsaw. As the dragon riders continue to explore deeper into the hidden world, the dragons continue to push their own boundaries and come up into our world! Will the dragons get exposed? Will we figure out the connection between Tom’s family and the dragons? We’ll have to wait until August 18th to find out, saddle up!