Dog Star of Predator Prequel Prey Gets Shout-Out From Animal Shelter She Came From

Among the many talking points of Predator movie Prey, the movie debut of Coco the dog has been one that has captured the attention of social media. Now the animal shelter that she was adopted from to become one of the stars of the new movie has sent their congratulations to their former resident. Having arrived on Hulu to rave reviews – surpassing even the original Predator – Prey has invigorated the franchise in a way that no one anticipated and has brought star Amanda Midthunder and director Dan Trachtenberg to a new stratosphere. However, they have both been overshadowed by Coco in the role of Sarii, Midthunder’s Naru’ canine companion.


It is no secret that Hollywood movies featuring a good canine character can really be taken to the hearts of audiences, from iconic dogs such as Lassie and Toto, through the likes of Beethoven, K-9 and Hooch, to non-central characters like Sarii who end up almost stealing the show. While it has been revealed that Coco’s screen time was originally shorter, but thanks to incredibly positive test screenings, some changes were made to increase Coco’s role and incorporate as much of the shot footage available into the movie’s final cut.

On the back of the movie’s success, Fulton County Animal Services shared a message on their Facebook page, giving Coco a shout-out and explaining that Coco had no acting training before being adopted by a family to star in the Predator prequel. In the post, they said:

“Fulton County Animal Services was thrilled to find out that one of our former residents has hit the bigtime. Coco, who came into our care at the beginning of 2021, is the breakout star of one of this Summer’s biggest movie hits, Prey. Coco who has no film training and was adopted by her family specifically for this project, plays Sarii. She was originally meant to have a small role however her popularity among test audiences encouraged director Dan Trachtenberg to include more of Coco in the film. We are SO delighted that Coco found the life she has, and is now shining a light on the potential of shelter dogs and what they are capable of when given a chance.”

You can read the entire post below.

Prey Will Potentially Lead To More Predator Movies Being Made


A while ago, the Predator movie franchise seemed to be done following two so-so Alien vs. Predator movies, and although the two subsequent movies Predators and The Predator were not as badly received, it has taken a complete left-of-field addition like Prey to deliver something different and exciting to the franchise.

While there has been no word yet on whether Prey will get a direct sequel or whether the franchise will continue down another path, there is certainly more life now in the Predator series than there has been for several years. With the success of Prey, it has also put to rest those fears that Disney’s involvement with the franchise would see potential Predator movies under the House of Mouse’s control being watered down compared to previous entries.

Prey is available on Hulu in the U.S. and on Disney+ under their Star banner in most international territories.