Disney Impressed With New Planet of the Apes Script, Now Planning New Trilogy

Some positive news coming out of Disney regarding their planned Planet of the Apes reboot, as a new report claims that the studio is “very high” on the script presented by director Wes Ball and co-writer Josh Friedman. The news comes courtesy of Deadline’s Justin Kroll, who adds that the quality of the script is in fact so good that Disney is now planning to create a new trilogy continuation of the Planet of the Apes franchise.

“On the Ball front, sources say 20th and Disney were very high on the script that came in last month and are now set to find the star of the film that will hopefully lead future installments of new trilogy of films,” Kroll said in a tweet, which also reveals that Wes Ball has pulled out of the upcoming Harbinger adaptation in order to concentrate his full attention of bringing the Planet of the Apes back.


Not much has been revealed so far about Disney’s plan for Planet for the Apes, though reports have claimed that the movie will be titled The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. Director Wes Ball, who is best known for helming The Maze Runner series, has stated that the new installment will build upon what director Matt Reeves with his trilogy and continue “Caesar’s legacy.” With a title like The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, it sounds like the sequel will drop audiences into a world closer to that seen in the 1968 outing, perhaps even following Caesar’s son, Cornelius.

“We have a take,” Ball said of the project. “We have a way of staying in the universe that was created before us, but we’re also opening ourselves up in being able to do some really cool new stuff. Again, I’m trying to be careful here. I’ll say this, for fans of the original three don’t worry – you’re in good hands.”

The Batman Star Robert Pattinson Has Expressed Interest in Joining the Planet of the Apes

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This latest report also states that Disney is now on the hunt for an actor to lead their Planet of the Apes sequel-slash-reboot. While no names have yet been suggested, actor Robert Pattinson, who recently impressed with his role as Bruce Wayne in The Batman, has previously expressed interest in joining the science fiction franchise.

“I love those Apes movies so much,” Pattinson said earlier this year. “There’s only been two movies — well, three now — where I wanted to do a sequel: the Apes movies, Sicario and Dune. I saw both of the Apes movies in the cinema and I just thought what he could do with mo-cap was just so unbelievable. If he could do that with a monkey’s face, then he can get a performance out of me as well.”

Could Pattinson find himself leading another big-budget franchise alongside The Batman? If not, with The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes likely to once again using state-of-the-art motion capture and VFX to bring the titular simians to life, why not just bring back Rise, Dawn, and War for the Planet of the Apes star Andy Serkis as a new character? Serkis himself is certainly not against the idea.