Deadpool Creator Wants Hulk and X-Force in Deadpool 3

Marvel fans are stoking themselves for news of Deadpool 3, with Comic-Con rumors abound. While Ryan Reynolds and the team behind the beloved anti-hero’s movies have been working hard to bring the character into the MCU, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has his own list of what he hopes to see in the next outing for the Merc with a Mouth.

Although there has been nothing yet confirmed about what Deadpool’s next adventure will entail, other than it being described by writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick as a “fish out of water story,” fan theories have already started circulating about what could feature in the threequel, this usually just leads to much disappointment when the expectation is much greater than the reality. However, it seems that Liefeld’s demands for Deadpool 3 are every bit as expectant as fans on social media, as he recently told


“I will have my picket line. I will have my single picket line of one, okay, don’t tease me with number 2. Don’t take me to Valhalla and then drop me off. Okay, look, we both know Deadpool 3, he’s going to interact with uh, the crew, you know, I mean, I get excited at the prospect of him hanging out with Hemsworth and or, uh, you know Ant-Man, Mr. Paul Rudd. I mean, those are great matchups. I personally would love to see him and the Hulk in a buddy movie because I think Hulk was undeserved. People forget what a mic drop he was in The Avengers. Let’s rag doll Deadpool the way he did Loki, you know what I mean? So I know they have great things planned. He’s definitely going to interact with the Marvel universe because that’s the default go to move, but how do you know bring Zazi [Beets] and Josh [Brolin] back? Because fans love them.”

Deadpool Will Be R-rated, Which Could Hamper Character Crossovers

Earlier this year, DCEU fans were surprised to not only see members of the Justice League appear in the finale of Peacemaker, but also see Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s The Flash have a crude and expletive-filled exchange about fishy goings-on. Although it has now been confirmed on many occasions that Disney has not obstructed the Deadpool 3 team from keeping the character R-rated, and many Marvel and MCU characters and events will be referenced in the movie in Wade Wilson’s usual scathing, witty style, whether Disney would allow any of their family-friendly characters to appear in the movie directly is unclear.

Warner Bros. has always been more lenient with their DC characters, with the Harley Quinn animated series being strictly for adults only and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad going down the same bloody and sweaty route to great success. Disney has always been much more protective of its image as a family-orientated business, and while international audiences have been watching R-rated content on Disney+ for a year now under the Stars banner, the U.S. version only recently added parental controls as they start to add mature content such as the Defenders Saga, Logan and the original Deadpool movies. Having already seen backlash over this change, adding some of their best-known Marvel heroes to an R-rated movie could be a step they are not yet willing to take.