Daniel Kaluuya Doesn’t Want to Be James Bond: ‘I’d Do a Villain’

Daniel Kaluuya thinks it’d be fun to appear in a James Bond movie, but he’d rather not suit up as 007 himself. As it stands, we are just days away from the release of Nope, the second feature film from director Jordan Peele to feature Kaluuya in a lead role. This follows prior acclaimed performances in Peele’s Get Out and Black Panther as well as his Oscar-winning turn in Judas and the Black Messiah.

Clearly, Kaluuya is here to stay in Hollywood, and we could soon start seeing him in blockbuster movie franchises. Many of his fans have advocated for Kaluuya to play a new incarnation of James Bond following Daniel Craig’s run in the role which culminated last year. In promotion of the actor’s new movie Nope, Kaluuya spoke about that possibility in a chat with Yahoo Entertainment. He suggests that he wouldn’t want to see himself as Bond, explaining how he’d be much more interested in playing a villain.


“I’d do a villain. I just don’t if I’d want to watch my version of James Bond. That’s just me. That’s just me, I go, ‘I don’t want to watch that.’ But I’d want to watch a villain. I’d do that. I think that would be fun.”

Of course, Kaluuya is one of many names that has come up with fans when it comes to fantasy casting for the next James Bond. Other actors that get mentioned a lot include Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, and Robert Pattinson. Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller has also been in the mix after his grandmother sparked an internet campaign for him to get the part. In any case, there’s no apparent rush on casting the next Bond and it could be a while before an official casting announcement is made.

Daniel Kaluuya Stars in Nope

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As for Daniel Kaluuya, he can next be seen in Nope. The movie focuses on the residents of a remote California town coming under siege by UFOs from the sky. Along with Kaluuya, the film stars Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun. Recently, director Jordan Peele explained how one reason he wanted to work with Kaluuya again is because he considers the actor to be the very best in the business. This is something he feels very confident about after doing both Get Out and Nope with Kaluuya.

“Daniel is my all-time favorite actor, and having worked on a couple of things apart and then coming back together, it just was a reminder of this special working bond that we have together,” Peele told THR. “He’s somebody who has an innate sense of his character — always asking the right questions to unlock things further. I utilized the fact that Daniel is just so immensely watchable, and he has this powerful stillness to him. Daniel’s the type of performer that doesn’t need words to communicate. He’s somebody that in these quiet moments brings the audience in more.”

Nope will be hitting movie theaters on July 22, 2022.