Cruella 2 Rumored to Be a Musical, Taylor Swift Wanted to Co-Star with Emma Stone?

Perhaps we will find out something more official at D23, but ahead of the event, there are new rumors about the creative direction of the upcoming sequel Cruella 2. After the first Cruella was released in 2021 to great success, it was reported soon after that a sequel would be made with Emma Stone reprising her role as the titular Disney villain. There hasn’t been much else that’s been revealed about where the second film will be taking Cruella de Vil.

Now, per TheDisInsider, there are some new rumors about the film, though it’s of course worth noting that nothing has been confirmed at this time. The outlet reports that the film is getting planned as a musical, an idea that could certainly be utilized well after Stone previously proved her worth in that department with her acclaimed performance in La La Land. Additionally, the rumor mill suggests that pop star Taylor Swift is “already set to star in an antagonistic role that was described to us as ‘Cruella’s match.'” Adding plausibility to this rumor is the appearance of what seems to be an altered image of Swift in the first Cruella film.


Whether this rumor is accurate or not remains to be seen, but it’s probably no coincidence that this news might ring a bell. It was recently reported that the Joker sequel is getting developed as a musical with pop star Lady Gaga co-starring alongside Joaquin Phoenix. As the original Cruella had been nicknamed “Disney’s Joker,” drawing many comparisons to that film, could it be that Disney has fully embraced that concept by matching Lady Gaga’s casting with Taylor Swift in Cruella 2?

Cruella 2 Will Begin Shooting in 2023

On an official level, very little has actually been revealed about Cruella 2. In July, Cruella actor Paul Walter Hauser told Forbes some new information about the production, suggesting that production will begin in 2023. The actor also said that the screenplay was still getting worked out and that getting the busy schedules of Emma Stone and director Craig Gillespie aligned might be a reason for the delay in getting started.

“I’m told we’re doing it next year,” he said. “I don’t know when but I think Tony McNamara is writing the script right now. He’s probably tinkering away with that. We got to work around the ever-busy schedule of Craig Gillespie and Emma Stone, who are worth the wait, so anytime they want to do it, I’ll be there.”

You can watch the original Cruella on Disney+.