Close Enough Gets Canceled at HBO Max After Three Seasons

It’s the end of the line for the adult animated series Close Enough on HBO Max. Per Deadline, it has been reported that the streamer has canceled the series after three seasons with no season 4 on the way. The third season, which premiered on HBO Max in April, now serves as the final season of the animated sitcom. HBO Max has confirmed the news with a statement and the show’s creatives have also weighed in on the decision.

“After three great seasons, Close Enough is coming to an end,” HBO Max stated. “We are so proud of the series and grateful to creator JG Quintel and our partners at Cartoon Network Studios, who made this show an instant fan favorite on HBO Max.”


On Twitter, Quintel added, “It’s true, Close Enough is ending after 3 seasons. I feel fortunate to have worked on this project with so many talented people. Thank you to everyone that helped bring it to life, and to everyone who watched!”

Close Enough was originally developed for TBS back in 2017 but issues behind the scenes resulted in the series sitting on the shelf for years. It finally premiered on HBO Max in 2020, followed by season 2 in 2021 and season 3 this year. The show was very well-received with its first season garnering a perfect 100% fresh score at Rotten Tomatoes, but perhaps there just weren’t enough people tuning in on HBO Max for WarnerMedia to justify ordering a fourth season.

Close Enough Had a Three Year Run on HBO Max


Close Enough follows a family along with their neighbors living in a Los Angeles Duplex. Its cast includes creator JG Quintel as father Josh Singleton, Gabrielle Walsh as mother Emily Ramirez, Jessica DiCicco as their daughter Candice Singleton-Ramirez, Jason Mantzoukas as Josh’s best friend Alex, Kimiko Glenn as Emily’s best friend Bridgette, Daniele Brooks as the landlady Pearle, and James Adomian as Pearle’s adopted son Randy. A slew of guest stars have been featured including “Weird Al” Yankovic, David Hasselhoff, Dave Foley, Nikki Glaser, Henry Winkler, and Judy Greer.

“It is a tremendous privilege to build on the 100 year plus legacy of ‘cartoons’ at this company,” HBO Max’s EVP of Original Comedy and Adult Animation, Suzanna Makkos, said in a statement when the show was renewed for season 3. “We can draw a straight line from our hundreds of childhood hours spent watching Bugs outwit Elmer to the current slate of adult animated projects we are building here at HBO Max and we think fans will agree. We are proud to introduce this distinctive group of series from a wide range of diverse creators that will form a first stop destination for animation lovers everywhere.”

You can find Close Enough streaming on HBO Max.