Chucky Season 2 Air Date Revealed With New Trailer and Teaser Poster

Chucky will be back on SYFY and USA on October 5, 2022 for another season of mayhem and murder, according to a newly released trailer and poster. Chucky was a huge hit last year and saw the return of everyone’s favorite killer doll and plenty of old stars of the Child’s Play movie franchise including Jennifer Tilly, Fiona Dourif, Alex Vincent and of course Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky himself. Now it is only a short three-month wait to see where Chucky and his self-styled army go next. Check out the trailer below.

As well as several returnees, which surprisingly includes Devon Sawa despite both of his season one characters being killed off, Chucky’s new season will see the addition of Meg Tilly, Gina Gershon, Jo Pantoliano, Tony Nappo and Sutton Stracke to the cast list. With the first season ending on a cliffhanger moment, the series is almost sure to be a hit all over again this Halloween.



During the production of Chucky’s second season, Jennifer Tilly has frequently been sharing updates on her social media account, with photos of herself on set and with other cast members. Most recently, she shared a shot of herself lying on a bed with her former Bound co-star Gershon and Chucky creator Don Mancini as they took a break during filming.

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Chucky is a Perfect Continuation of The Child’s Play Franchise


Although there was an attempt to reboot Child’s Play, with Star Wars actor Mark Hamill providing a voice for a new version of Chucky, it soon became apparent that fans didn’t want a new Chucky, they wanted old Chucky back. Don Mancini did just that when bringing Chucky to screens last year, and having the chance to revisit the killer doll in a new medium was a dream come true for the franchise creator. He previously said:

“Once you get into your fourth decade in a franchise, it’s trying to forge ahead into unseen, unexplored territory. And the idea of multiple Chucky dolls always appealed to me. First, of course, just as a visual, it’s irresistible, but then conceptually, there are so many things you can do with it. I can’t talk too much about that because I don’t want to spoil fun coming in season two, but insofar as it impacted what we’ve already done in season one. Yeah, it was important that they not have a hive mind because I think it’s more interesting to do this and, again, turn Brad on subtle variations of the Chucky persona. On a lot of fronts, that’s something we were doing a lot of in this season of Chucky, which is dissecting the persona of Chucky and the persona of Charles Lee Ray”

Chucky’s new season will pick up directly after the events of the season one finale, with an army of Chucky dolls all containing a little bit of Charles Lee Ray inside them, ready to wreak havoc. With the same team working in front and behind the camera on the series, we can expect another blood-soaked affair as Chucky’s reign of terror continues, and this time his female counterpart of Tiffany is very much along for the ride.