Christian Bale Found It Much Easier Playing Thor 4’s Gorr Than Batman

While Christian Bale’s Batman still stands as one of the best iterations of the DC superhero put on screen, the actor recently commented that playing Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder was much easier than donning the cape and cowl as the Dark Knight for a very simple reason; everyone loves a bad guy.

Christian Bale is one of the most highly regarded actors to enter the MCU, and while his take on Gorr was not the monstrous creature that appears in the comic books, he was certainly a star turn for his relatively short screen time. Over his career Bale has had a taste of playing both heroes and villains, and even some that sit on a teetering fence between the two, but when it comes to his MCU appearance, he certainly had no problems becoming the bad guy once again, as for him it is a much easier role to play. He told Screen Rant:


“They do, absolutely. They not only have more fun, but they’re easier to play. Because everybody is fascinated with bad guys, right? The minute the bad guy walks on the screen, no one’s looking at the good guy anymore. All eyes go to the bad guy, so it’s a much easier acting gig.”

Thor’s Latest Outing Came With A Number of Issues

Marvel Studios 

Although Thor: Love and Thunder began the year as a sure billion dollar movie, when the movie arrived it didn’t bring the thunder as much as fizzle out. Whether It was the over the top comedy, lack of real story or the continued use of screaming goats, there were plenty of issues that Marvel fans found with the fourth solo outing for Chris Hemsworth’s original Avenger.

However, one thing that was noted more than most was the lack of comic book accuracy when it came to the movie’s villain, Gorr. While his comic book appearance includes a monstrous face, tentacles and claws, and a clothing style that can almost be described as butt-naked, his on screen appearance was often compared to a pale-skinned monk. While there is no doubt that Bale was more than capable of creating the kind of terrifying villain that only someone of his calibre can pull off without the help of a host of bells and whistles, it still left many wondering what it would have been like to see a fully realised Gorr.

That being said, Kevin Feige has previously spoken about the decision to change Gorr’s appearance was purely down to having a movie legend like Bale on board, and the desire to be able to get the most out of his performance without him being lost in a wave of CGI. Of course, it could be countered that Bill Nighy’s role as Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies proves that you can have the best of both worlds if things are done right, and for that reason Feige’s comments didn’t do much to change the minds of those who still wanted to see Gorr in all his glory.