Chris Hemsworth Says Thor: Love and Thunder’s Original 4-Hour Cut Was ‘Batsh*t Crazy’

Many Marvel fans expect every film released in the MCU to be epic, not only in the story stakes but in length. That means that this year’s offerings have so far left them wanting, especially when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder have been two of the shortest Marvel movies to date and both seemingly had a lot of footage edited out. According to a report by Collider’s Steve Weintraub, Thor: Love and Thunder’s original assembly cut, which brought together all of the footage shot into one place, was 4 hours long and Chris Hemsworth called it “batsh*t crazy.”


While assembly cuts are very disjointed and not for public consumption, there is little doubt that many fans would love to sit down and see this supersized version of Thor’s latest adventure, especially when it seems that original cut was double the length of the final cut of the movie. With many of the movie’s stars commenting on the amount of footage that was abandoned for the sake of the story, it is clear that many ideas that were filmed ended up not being used, apparently because it made the whole thing seems like one big Monty Python sketch. Director Taika Waititi commented:

“It was about four hours. And a lot of time on set … We were talking about this before, like when, in the moment, you’re like, “This is the greatest thing that anyone’s ever filmed in the history of filming things.” And you get into the edit. You’re like, “I still kind of like it.” And then, after about six months of it being in the movie, you realize it was fun on the day but it doesn’t have any business being in the movie.”

Hemsworth followed this up with his thoughts, which accumulated to:

“Batsh*t crazy, wild, four-hour cut I’ve ever seen. It was like a Monty Python sketch.”

Taika Waititi Doesn’t Want To See The Unused Footage Again

Marvel Studios

While it would seem like a no-brainer with so much unused footage, Thor: Love and Thunder’s director Taika Waititi doesn’t think he will be doing a director’s cut in the near future and would happily not see the deleted footage again. Asked how long he thought an extended cut would be, Waititi said:

“I don’t know. I don’t want to see any of the footage ever get in my life, but like… It’s so tiring. Last thing I want to go is like, “I guess I have to try that scene again.” The film has got a strong structure now. Anything else we put in like a big, long scene…like a bunch of soldiers going to have dinner with some French people on a river, you know? If we put a big, long scene like that, and I feel like…sorry about that.”

While some early reviews have mentioned the movie’s humor being both the best and the worst thing about Thor: Love and Thunder, it seems that Waititi did make a conscious effort to make the story flowing and cohesive by removing many scenes that only served to deliver jokes, and that does make it sound like even though we will probably see some of this in the Blu-ray and DVD release, fans shouldn’t expect it to appear in an ultimate director’s cut anytime soon.