Chris Evans Wants to Get His Little Shop of Horrors Remake Back on Track

Chris Evans is spreading his wings since departing the role of Captain America in the MCU. Currently appearing as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Pixar’s Toy Story spin-off movie Lightyear, Evans has been thinking about the future and other projects that he would like to be involved in. As well as expressing an interest in joining the Star Wars franchise, the star would also love to return to the Little Shop of Horrors project that almost got off the ground before the Covid pandemic hit and shut everything down.

In a time when musicals and nostalgia are big business, a reboot of the story of an alien man-eating plant that was originally released in the 1980s seems like a no-brainer and that this is what Evans is hoping Warner Bros are thinking. Little Shop of Horrors was released in 1988, and was an adaptation of the stage musical, which itself was based on an old Roger Corman movie that is probably best known for featuring a small turn by Jack Nicholson in one of his first screen roles. The musical movie starred Rick Moranis as Seymour, a down-trodden flower shop worker who ends up under the control of Audrey II, the smooth and persuasive plant that wants to take over the world.


In an interview with MTV News, Evans revealed that along with Star Wars, he would love to have a role in a musical – quite ironic considering the Rogers: The Musical moment in Hawkeye featured a singing version of Captain America – and he really has been trying to get some hype going to get Little Shop of Horrors back on the move. He said:

“I was supposed to do Little Shop of Horrors a couple years ago and then, you know, COVID happened and there were budget issues. And I think actually the director might have jumped off the project, but that was a heartbreaker. That’s my favorite musical. I even thought about posting my audition, just to stir the pot, just to see if I could poke Warner Bros. a little bit, to see if maybe, for the first time ever, I could get some fan reactions to let them know, ‘Come on, guys, make this thing.’ I sang the ‘Dentist!’ song for my audition, and I got it on my phone. And I always think, ‘Is this crazy to post this?'”

Chris Evans Would Return To The MCU As The Human Torch

In recent interviews Evans has opened up about leaving Captain America behind, and hinted that if the right project came up then he could possibly go back to the role even if it would be “a tall order.” What would intrigue more would be the option to return to another Marvel role from his past: The Human Torch. Evans played the role of Johnny Storm in Marvel’s Fantastic Four and Rise of the Silver Surfer, and now that the Marvel multiverse is playing a big role in the MCU, anything is possible. He said:

“Wouldn’t that be great? No, no one’s ever come to me about that. I mean, I don’t exactly look the same anymore. That was 15, almost 20 years ago. But I do love that character… Yeah, look, I would love it! I would love it. That would actually be an easier sell to me than coming back as Cap. You know, Cap is so precious to me, and I almost don’t want to disrupt what a beautiful experience that was. But, Johnny Storm, I feel like he really didn’t get his day. That was before Marvel really found its footing. I really love that role, so, who knows.”