Chris Evans Already Misses Playing Captain America

Chris Evans played Captain America for almost a decade, which is partly why the actor is already missing the role. Following his appointment as Sexiest Man Alive 2022, Evans spoke to People about many subjects, including his time as The First Avenger, but having hung up his shield in Avengers: Endgame, Evans clearly has at least a small part of him that would love to still be the MCU’s Cap. He said of working with Marvel:

“They’re challenging, but the beauty is the movies are great. You get out what you put in. It’s been a wonderful, very symbiotic relationship, so I’ve been thrilled to do it. I think when the movies end you’re very happy to have a break. But very quickly, you miss it. I miss it now. But yeah, I’m very grateful and very happy to have been a part of them.”

Of course, Anthony Mackie is Captain America now, and will be taking the reins fully for the first time in Captain America: New World Order, which means that Steve Rogers is now MCU history, and that should mean there is no way back for Evans. However, we are in the multiverse now, which means that nothing is off limits, but even without other worlds where another variant of Steve Rogers could be waiting to make a comeback, there could easily be another way for the former Captain America to return.


How Can Chris Evans Return as Captain America?

Marvel Studios

The most apparent way that Chris Evans could reprise his role as Steve Rogers would be through a multiversal twist, and many fans still believe that he will make an appearance of some kind when Avengers: Secret Wars comes around. It would be the perfect way to see the Cap one more time before the multiverse is closed off, with the variant of Steve Rogers returning to whichever universe he comes from.

While that is one option, there is also another way that Marvel could bring Evans back for a more extended role, possibly in a future Disney+ series. After returning the Infinity Stones to their locations, Rogers returned to be with the love of his life Peggy Carter. Are we expected to believe that the pair led a completely action-free life together until Rogers reappears as an old man in Endgame?

Marvel doesn’t like to leave any story untold, and there could well be plenty of Steve and Peggy adventures that could be worked into a limited series. While Peggy Carter actress Hayley Atwell has already appeared again in the MCU as Captain Carter, a variant of Captain America who appeared in live-action for the first time in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there is no possible way of knowing what Kevin Feige has planned further down the line for either star, and there are probably plenty of fans of Rogers and Carter who would be more than happy to catch up on their favorite MCU couple.