Charlize Theron Opens Up on The Boys & Doctor Strange 2 Cameos

Someone who’s surprised fans multiple times with special cameos lately has been Charlize Theron. On the big screen, Theron had an unexpected but notable role when she appeared in the hit film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, one of the highest-grossing movies of recent years. Fans were still talking about the cameo when Theron soon after appeared unexpectedly in the season 3 premiere of The Boys, making another very memorable moment.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Theron took part in a Q&A session at Universal Studios where she was hosting the second annual block party to benefit the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. Given her recent time in the superhero world, the actress was asked about her recent cameos. With The Boys, Theron admits she’s been too busy to watch her episode just yet, but says she’s a big fan of the series and was happy to get involved. As explained by Theron, it was her friendship with Seth Rogen, who executive produces The Boys, that led to her cameo.


“No, don’t spoil it, I haven’t seen it. I saw it in the press but, no, I haven’t seen it myself because I’m working right now. But I love the show. I love Seth Rogen and I love the entire team at Point Grey. We, obviously, made Long Shot together and all became fast friends. You know, we look out for each other but ultimately, if he called me and it was a crappy show, I wouldn’t do it. But he doesn’t make crappy things. It was really fun to go and do that.”

Theron also says that it was nothing more than “weird timing” that the cameos arrived so closely together, as things weren’t planned that way. She has seen Doctor Strange 2 and noted how she doesn’t mind doing cameos as they’re quick to shoot and that leaves her with more time at home.

“When Kevin [Feige] asked me to join the Doctor Strange world, I didn’t even know when I was going to shoot that at the time. The [roles] were so far apart that I almost forgot… I have kids to raise. But in full transparency, I shared it with them and they were so happy that people are interested in this world, whether it’s satire or non-satire. I don’t know why both of these superheroes can’t live in the same world.”

Charlize Theron Will Return in The Old Guard 2

Skydance Media

Currently, Charlize Theron is working on the upcoming sequel The Old Guard 2. Filming the sequel required Theron grow a mullet for her role as a way of looking different than she appeared in the first film. Netflix released the original movie in 2020 and Theron says the mullet is a way of showing that more time has passed.

“We needed something that felt like time had passed, so for that, you go with the ol’ mullet.”

It was announced in August that The Old Guard 2 was in development with Victoria Mahoney set to direct. Alongside Theron reprising her role, the cast will also bring in Uma Thurman and Henry Golding. The movie doesn’t yet have a release date.