Cast of Hunters Season 2 Revealed In New Photos

The following article will spoil several plot twists from the first season of Hunters.

The Prime Video series Hunters is an alternate history drama series about a group of ragtag individuals banding together to hunt down the Nazis who went into hiding after the war ended. Set photos for the upcoming second season reveal the return of Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman) alongside fellow Hunters. There’s Millie Morris (Jerrika Hinton), Lonny Flash (Josh Radnor), Roxy Jones (Tiffany Boone), and Sister Harriet (Kate Mulvany).

The season 1 finale revealed that group founder Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino) is a Nazi. Wilhelm Zucks, aka The Wolf, stole the identity of the real Meyer. He founded the group as penance, even though he believed he’d never be forgiven. Jonah agrees and kills Meyer shortly after the revelation. While that initially seemed like it would be the end of Pacino on the show, set photos for the upcoming second and final season reveal that he will be returning.


“In many ways, Jonah’s journey this season, he may find himself right in a similar darkness that Meyer Offerman tried to keep him from, but that Wilhelm Zuchs always exuded and inhabited,” said creator David Weil.

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The team will be joined by another Nazi Hunter named Chava Apfelbaum, played by Oscar nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh. While Weil refrained from giving too much away about this new character, indicating “delicious twists and turns” involving her, he said Leigh brought a “ferocity” to the role.

“This is a character who at times may seem very demure, and then we see explosions within her. At times she can feel explosive, and then there’s such vulnerabilities inside of her. Jennifer’s a chameleon, and that was what was required for this role… She wears many different hats, many different masks and faces. You never know what you can expect with Chava, and it keeps our hunters on their toes, but there’s a real deep rooting with her to some of our characters: emotional, character driven. So there’s both beauty and brutality to the character of Chava.”

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Who Else Will Be Appearing in Hunters?

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Besides the Meyer twist, the end of the first season also dropped another huge bombshell. Not only is the mysterious Nazi Colonel (Lena Olin) Eva Braun, but Hitler is still alive. Udo Kier will play the infamous dictator during Season 2. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Weil wanted to assure audiences that he “would only ever invoke Hitler if we’re going to deliver justice in some hopefully satisfying way.”

“For me, as a kid growing up on Long Island, being Jewish, there was always this frustration and anger that Hitler got away with his crimes, that he was never brought to justice, he was never arrested, killed, tried, that he made a decision at the end of his life. So Hunters, being a show about catharsis, about Jewish empowerment, and about wish fulfillment for Jewish kids like me who grew up wanting to reclaim power, season 2, I hope, will be that catharsis.”

Another returning player from the first season is Travis Leich (Greg Austin), a Neo-Nazi that became the Colonel’s enforcer. Jonah developed a particular animosity for Travis after he killed one of Jonah’s friends. In the words of Weil, “Travis is evil personified, and yet he has the face of the milkman or a paper boy.”

“This is a character who is the face of incels and the neo-Nazi movement today. What’s so terrifying about this character is he is the bridge between the Nazis of the ’30s and ’40s and the Neo-Nazism of today. His arc is a cautionary tale. His arc is a depiction of how white supremacy has mutated and evolved into the evil that it is today.”