Cancelled Constantine TV Series Star Supports Keanu Reeves’ Movie Sequel

Fans of Keanu Reeves’ Constantine were taken by surprise when a sequel to the 2005 DC movie was announced by Warner Bros. Discovery a few dats ago. However, with everything piece of good news from Warner Bros. Discovery, there seems to be a sting in the tail and this time it was at the expense of the previously announced HBO Max Constantine series which was in development with actor Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù in the role of the DC demonologist.

The new Constantine series was set to be produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and would have been one of the few new DC series heading to HBO Max in the coming years from the DC brand. However, as soon as new broke of Keanu Reeves returning for a new movie sequel, which is also coming from Bad Robot, things didn’t look good for the series that had only weeks ago been “on solid ground” according to reports.


Now Dìrísù has responded to the news that, for now, the Constantine series is dead, and did so by giving his full support to Reeves’ return to the fan-favorite role. In a post on Twitter, the actor wrote “Give ‘em Hell, King,” and shared an image of a piece of fan art showing Reeve back in the character’s comic book accurate brown trench coat. You can see the post below.

J.J. Abrams Has Had A Rough Run At Warner Bros. Discovery

Warner Bros. Pictures

It is only a few months ago that reports suggested Warner Bros. Discovery were a little disheartened by the limited amount of output they had received from J.J. Abrams since he signed a huge deal with them. However, the cancellation of not only Constantine but fellow DC series Madame X, which Abrams was also part of, have made it clear that even when the filmmaker and producer seems to be on certain ground the run can be pulled out from under him.

However, while the future is not good for Abrams’ DC shows when it comes to their HBO Max future, they are so far along that it seems they will be shopped out to other interested parties. The main issues with that come down to the Justice League Dark project that both Constantine and Madame X seemed to be leading to with Warner Bros. Discovery. With these shows now seemingly no longer an interest for HBO Max, the question is whether anyone else will want to take on such a project.

When it comes to John Constantine, the announcement of the Keanu Reeves-led sequel, which will also see the return of original director Francis Lawrence, will be more that enough to keep fans happy as they have demanded a sequel to Reeves’ hit movie for years. So far there has been no indication of when Constantine 2 will hit theaters, but with the movie only in development now, it will likely be at least two years before we see Constantine back on the big screen again.