Bruce Campbell Backs Rumor That He Could Play Hades in Disney’s Hercules

Bruce Campbell is one of those actors that has become an icon of cinema from what was a very small beginning. He has become such a favorite that his name is frequently linked to appearances in big movies despite his original B-Movie god status. This time the rumor is that he could actually play a god in Disney’s live-action remake of Hercules. A recent new article claimed that Campbell has been approached to play Hades in the Guy Ritchie-directed movie, and while Campbell has debunked the rumor, he is all in favor of it happening.

It was announced over the weekend that Guy Ritchie will be returning to Disney after his stint as director on 2019’s Aladdin to take the helm of their Hercules remake. While Ritchie has been better known for his gangster movies, his more recent work has seen him branching out in many directions, and part of that seems to have a foot in Disney’s door. With Hercules now in development, rumors and fan-casting of who could star in the Greek myth movie have begun circling the internet, leading Bruce Campbell to hop on to give his opinion on the rumor relating to him. He said on Twitter:


“Not sure where this inter-web rumor began, but I back it.”

Campbell has most recently been seen providing a fun cameo in the MCU, appearing as Pizza Poppa in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which was not a surprising appearance considering his relationship with director Sam Raimi, but there is no doubt that fans would love to see him appear in Hercules even if it doesn’t seem likely.

Fans Petitioned For Bruce Campbell To Replace Amber Heard In Aquaman 2

To show the extent of fan love for Campbell, following the Johnny Depp trial when numerous petitions were started to remove Amber Heard from the Aquaman sequel, among the various fan-casting online was one to have Campbell take over the role. While it seems a completely ludicrous idea, memes about the casting went viral and Campbell himself even responded by quipping, “Send me the script.”

Although Campbell has made numerous appearances in the TV and film over the decades, he will always been remembered as Ash Williams in the Evil Dead franchise. Even now, after saying that he won’t be playing the character on screen again, he cannot escape the pull of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, having providing his voice and likeness to Evil Dead: The Game, which has been recently released to great praise, and he has also written a new comic book series, Sgt. Rock vs. Army of the Dead, which releases in September. All of this goes along with his producer credit on the latest Evil Dead movie, which won’t feature him in his iconic role of Ash, but he has promised will please Evil Dead fans everywhere.

When it comes to rumors of an appearance in Hercules, fans may be left wanting, but it is clear that Campbell has plenty of other projects up his sleeves to keep them happy in the near future.