Bradley Cooper is Leonard Bernstein in First Look at Netflix Movie Maestro

The makeup department will undoubtedly seek some recognition this awards season as Bradley Cooper is unrecognizable for his new Netflix biographical drama, Maestro. The film will see Cooper take on the role of Leonard Bernstein, the iconic conductor, composer, and author. Bernstein was considered one of the most influential conductors of his time, becoming one of the first American conductors to receive international acclaim. He received numerous awards over his lifetime, including seven Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards, and sixteen Grammy Awards, including the Lifetime Achievement honor. Bernstein is best known for the Broadway musical West Side Story, which continues to be performed around the world.


Netflix has released new photos from the Maestro set, shown below.

The photos reveal we will see Bernstein at different points in his life. This called for an immense amount of work to be done by the makeup department, who had to perfect the look of the conductor as he grew older. Reports from Variety confirm the movie began filming this month, over a year after their initial expectations. The release date is expected no sooner than 2023.

Virgin Produced

Following the massive critical acclaim of his 2018 directorial debut, A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper is looking to replicate this success once again with Maestro. Before landing on Cooper, the film was tossed around with a few different directors. The project was initially in development with Paramount Pictures, with Martin Scorsese set to direct. However, Scorsese was forced to step down to focus on another beloved film, The Irishman. Steven Spielberg was given the opportunity to helm the movie but passed the responsibility on to Cooper after viewing a screening of A Star Is Born. The project was moved to Netflix in 2020, where it’s been in development ever since.

Cooper will star alongside Carey Mulligan, playing Felecia Montealegre, Bernstein’s wife. Joining her will be Jeremy Strong as John Gruen, the American art critic and composer. Maya Hawke will play Jamie Bernstein, Leonard Bernstein’s daughter. Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg will produce the film, with Bradley Cooper writing the screenplay. Although we may have to wait a while for the film’s release, we can hope for a trailer to hold us over for now.