Bob Odenkirk to Reunite with Better Call Saul Actors for Comedy Movie The Making of Jesus Diabetes

Even with Better Call Saul over, series star Bob Odenkirk has already been keeping himself just as busy with multiple upcoming projects in the works. Now on his plate is a new comedy movie called The Making of Jesus Diabetes, which Deadline reports as Odenkirk on board to co-star as well as co-write the screenplay. The project reunites Odenkirk with comedy actor-writers Andrew Friedman (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Michael Naughton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), both of whom appeared in the fourth season of Better Call Saul.

Odenkirk, Friedman, and Naughton all shared the screen together for a memorable scene for Better Call Saul. In the scene, Friedman and Naughton play characters managing a copy machine store when Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill comes to apply. After convincing the two to hire him on the spot, Jimmy criticizes them for being too hasty, letting them know he didn’t really want the job after all. Friedman later appears in a separate scene when his character is staying the night at the copier store after gifting his wife a vacuum cleaner.


As for The Making of Jesus Diabetes, the film will be directed by Heath Cullens (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). The film is said to have originated from characters created at The Groundlings Theater by Friedman and Naughton with the two reprising their stage roles as Seymour and Gerry Whitaker. Odenkirk will co-star in the movie as Leo, a “shifty man with a dark past.”

The reported synopsis for the film reads:

The Making of Jesus Diabetes chronicles the story of two reclusive, middle-aged brothers with no filmmaking experience who are attempting to make a movie about diabetes, during Jesus’ time, to honor their recently deceased mother. All the while, the brothers’ madcap journey is being filmed by their neighbor.

Bob Odenkirk Is Keeping Busy


“It’s an incredible opportunity for us to work with these talented filmmakers and cast,” said Ellen S. Wander, who’s executive producing with Jordan Dykstra of Film Bridge. “We’re thrilled to bring their smart, funny feature to audiences around the world.”

Michael Day, who’s producing with Andrew DeCesare, Naomi Odenkirk and Bryan DeGuire, added, “Jesus Diabetes is a refreshingly funny script from start to finish. With this cast and this script, it’s a recipe for laugh-out-loud entertainment.”

“We’ve loved these characters since we first saw them onstage,” Naomi Odenkirk and DeGuire also said. “We’re giddy at the thought of unleashing them to a wide audience.”

DeCesare also notes, “This type of project is the reason audience members still love going to the movies, The Making of Jesus Diabetes stands on its own as funny, new and exactly what the world needs right now.”

This will not be the only project coming up from Odenkirk as well. It was previously announced he will be sticking around at AMC to star in the dramedy series Straight Man. He is also teaming back up with his Mr. Show co-star David Cross for the cult mockumentary series Guru Nation.