Blade MCU Reboot Filming Start Date Revealed

The start of filming for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Blade reboot has seemingly been revealed. Coming courtesy of KFTV, it looks like The Daywalker will begin fighting for humanity once again from next month, with Blade going before cameras from October 5. Production is due to last several months, ending on January 28, 2023.

This latest report tracks with what has been claimed recently regarding the production of Blade, with filming due to take place at Tyler Perry Studios and on location in the likes of Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Cleveland, OH and Morocco.

Watchmen writer Stacy Osei-Kuffour has been tapped to pen the script for the MCU’s Blade, with Mogul Mowgli director Bassam Tariq on board to helm the project. Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali will star in the title role as Blade, the vampire slayer, with the likes of Da 5 Bloods star Delroy Lindo and Old and Krypton star Aaron Pierre also seemingly confirmed to be involved as per the KFTV listing.

Will Blade Introduce Fallon Grey, Blade’s Daughter?

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Hardy anything is currently known about Marvel’s Blade, though some rumors have claimed it will include the debut of Blade’s daughter, Fallon Grey. There have been reports circulating that the 14-year-old actress Milan Ray, who is best known for her roles in The Wonder Years and Modern Love, has been cast in the Marvel movie, with many speculating that she will portray Fallon Grey, a character who will play a major role in the MCU.

A lesser-known Marvel character, Fallon Grey is the estranged daughter of Blade and was at one time set to lead her own comic book series. The series would have followed the teenager as she discovers that she is in fact the daughter of Eric Brooks AKA Blade, and thus has a legacy of vampire killing to live up to. Writer Tim Seeley (Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy) and artist Logan Faerber (Secret Wars: Battleworld) were due to bring Fallon Grey to the page, but Seely later came to the realization that he was perhaps not best suited to write the series considering it was set to focus on a black teenager.

The inclusion of Fallon Grey in the Blade reboot would certainly differentiate it from what has come before, as well as add another perspective to the world of Blade and another young character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Blade is expected to follow the titular human-vampire hybrid who, since his tragic birth, has spent his long life seeking to rid the world of vampires like the one that killed his mother. Over the years, he has mastered his own style of fighting monsters of all kinds.

Blade has already made his MCU debut in the form of a voice during a post-credits scene at the end of Eternals. “You lose a lot of sleep over it,” Ali said of making his first appearance as the beloved comic book character. “I was losing sleep over this line because, ideally, you want to be talking once you are filming,” the actor explained. “One hundred percent of the time, my first day on any set, on any job, I hate it. I hate how I sound. I don’t believe myself. You’re trying to get comfortable in the character, so to have to talk before you actually film was challenging.”

Blade is scheduled for release on November 3, 2023.