Black and Latinx Fans to Wear All White to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

When Marvel’s Black Panther made its debut in 2018, moviegoers stepped up their fashion game and came out in style to see this black king/superhero portrayed by Chadwick Boseman. Since that time, the world has mourned the tragic loss of Boseman and now awaits the arrival of the film’s sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever without its star. In the recently released trailer for the movie, there is a scene wherein Wakandans are dressed in all white as they dance through the streets, paying homage to T’Challa (the Black Panther), who has died. As a way to reflect on both individual culture and mourning, two TikTok users, Anthony Bryant, who goes by @canthonybryant, and @Official_AuntieWiggz, are calling on fans to get dressed in a specific way again.


The “dress code” won’t be a repeat of African-inspired tribal prints in vibrant colors, kente cloth, or dashikis, while hair braids, Bantu knots and head wraps are perfectly fitting. The color theme will be white, but for those uncomfortable wearing such a light color, the two suggest choosing one that signifies royalty, such as gold or purple.

Wakanda Forever Will Be Particularly Moving for the Latinx Community as Well

IGN via YouTube

With Mexican actors Tenoch Huerta and Mabel Cadena joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as characters Namor and Namora, they are sure to inspire crowds who have never seen themselves represented so beautifully.

Latinx fans are encouraged to wear white attire with turquoise or green accents, hues frequently found in Mexican American art and on ancient gemstones used as jewelry, as well as artifacts from Mayans. People of color outside the Black and Latinx community are asked to wear white with accents relating to their culture. All others are encouraged to wear white with khaki, beige, tan, or gray. Speaking to BuzzFeed about the symbolism of coming together to wear white, Bryant explained:

“The wearing of white can symbolize various things concerning spiritual practices and general life. It can be a sign of purity and cleansing; it can also be a color used to deflect negativity. The wearing of white can symbolize peace or baptism — a rebirth. The wearing of white in certain cultures also symbolizes a veneration of the dead or the ancestors.”

Thousands of people have left comments expressing their excitement.

“Heard. I am Nigerian (Igbo) I shall be in full traditional regalia in the royal color of deep purple. [A] nod to the ancestral realm.”

One fan shared:

“I can’t wait to see the indigenous community show out. I know the outfits gonna be on point.”

Another wrote:

“For Wakanda and Chadwick, I shall do this.”

Wakanda Forever hits theaters on November 11, 2022.