Black Adam’s Major Cameo Explained by The Rock

Spoiler Alert: This story contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Black Adam

After several months of rumors and speculation, the comic book movie Black Adam has arrived with one major cameo confirmed. Debuting in theaters on Oct. 21, Black Adam getting released was monumental in many ways, as star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had been slowly working on getting this film made for years. But something else that will really stand out for viewers in the movie is the appearance of Superman with fan favorite actor Henry Cavill reprising the role, teasing a future showdown between the Man of Steel and Black Adam.

In a new interview with, Johnson explains how that cameo came to fruition. As far as getting Cavill on board, it wasn’t hard given that the two are already friends. The same can be said for Dany Garcia, another one of the film’s producers who’d been campaigning for Cavill to appear in the film. While the previous leadership at Warner Bros. had denied their requests to bring in Cavill, the new brass was much more receptive to the idea. That aligned the stars just right for the cameo to happen.

“Well, I’ve known Henry for a long time. We’re buddies. My longtime business partner, Dany Garcia, she has been a big advocate for Henry. She’s managed Henry’s career over the years. It came down to, dude, we love Superman. There is new leadership about to happen in Warner Brothers. Here’s an opportunity. On our end of Black Adam, we will do everything we can to pay homage and respect to the mythology of Black Adam and build him as being the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet. And if we do our job right, at the end of the movie, then in comes not only the most powerful and unstoppable force in the entire universe in Superman, but also the one that the fans want.”

What Will Be the Future of Superman vs. Black Adam?

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Another actor could have been brought in to play a different incarnation of Superman, but that’s not something The Rock wanted to see. He went on to explain how the new leadership watching over the DCEU pays more attention to what the fans are calling for. That made it that much easier for Cavill to sign on to reprise his role in Black Adam, and as Johnson adds, he couldn’t have seen it any other way anyway, noting how perfect Cavill really is for that part.

“And that’s the difference. And that’s the new era I’m talking about. This new era in the DC universe is we listen, man. We listen to the fans. We may not be able to do every single thing that they want, but they’re going to know that they’re not ignored because they’ve been ignored for so long. But we’re going to listen to them, man. So in presenting that to Henry, he also… Man, when it comes to Superman, I don’t know if there’s any other person on the planet who loves and embodies the mythology, the ethos, and everything of Superman than Henry. And so I’m so happy that it all came together. I’m so happy the fans are losing their minds over it. And I’m so happy that there is a new shift in this DC universe. And Superman is back.”

We can probably bet on more to come from Black Adam and Superman in the future. Black Adam actor Aldis Hodge recently suggested the idea of doing a trilogy of movies with the Black Adam vs. Superman showdown finally happening in that third film. However things go down, there’s a lot to be excited about for the DC fans who’ve been waiting a long time to see these two characters sharing the screen.

Black Adam is playing in movie theaters as of Oct. 21, 2022.