Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson Promises Fans Will See More of Pierce Brosnan’s Dr. Fate

If you want to see more of Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate in Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson has you covered. Upon the release of the long-gestating comic book adaptation, which has set the new record as Johnson’s biggest domestic debut ever at the box office, a lot of fans praised Brosnan for his work in making Dr. Fate a standout character. For his part, The Rock also says Dr. Fate is a “favorite” of his as well, and he goes so far as to make a vow to the fans that we’ll see much more of Brosnan in the future of the DCEU.

“Dr. Fate is one of my favorites too and you will see more of him. I promise,” The Rock tweeted in response to a fan praising Brosnan. “We wanted Black Adam to be visually stunning so thank you for that nod. Every the movie everyone!!”

In response to another fan stoked to see Dr. Fate finally brought to life in the DCEU, The Rock also tweeted, “Great Black Adam POV. You’re [100%] right about Dr. Fate — one of the most powerful (and coolest) superheroes in the DC pantheon. Mind boggling how he’s never been brought to the big screen in 80+ years. Pierce Brosnan is perfect in this role as Kent Nelson. Enjoy the movie everyone!”

The Rock has been commending Brosnan for his work as Dr. Fate since before the movie was even released. Over the summer, he said of his co-star, “I think you’ll be happy with Dr. Fate, Pierce Brosnan is a force and really delivers.”

Where Does Black Adam Go From Here?

Warner Bros. Pictures

The door is open for Black Adam to go into some different directions after the release of this first movie. A sequel hasn’t been officially announced at this time, but with a strong opening at the box office and a high audience score at Rotten Tomatoes, Black Adam 2 seems like a given. It’s also possible that some members of the JSA could be given their own spinoffs as well, and when we consider the love Dr. Fate is getting, that could be something that very well ends up happening. In any case, we probably have not seen the last of the JSA in the DCEU.

“Don’t worry. This one will be fast,” producer Beau Flynn recently told, assuring the wait for a follow-up film won’t be long. “We will open up the magic wagon, we’ll have the script ready, pretty fast.”

Fellow producer Hiram Garcia added, “It’s not going to take that long. I can promise you that. We always hope the first domino’s the easy one. We’ll get cooking on it fast, that’s for sure.”

Black Adam is now playing in movie theaters.