Bill Maher Blasts Daniel Craig’s James Bond for Not Being a Ladies Man: ‘It’s So Pathetic’

Real Time host Bill Maher is not a fan of No Time to Die. Never one to shy away from controversy, Maher made it clear how much he resents the creative direction James Bond has gone in with the latest installment of the long-running action movie series. In particular, he’s not so happy with how Bond is not quite as promiscuous as he used to be in previous movies when played by different actors.

Maher’s comments stem from his podcast, Club Random with Bill Maher. While speaking with guest Hannah Stocking, Maher was reminded of Denise Richards’ character in the 1999 movie The World Is Not Enough which co-starred Pierce Brosnan as 007. In that film, Richards played nuclear physicist Christmas Jones, and Maher recalling the film had him remembering when Bond was more promiscuous. The comedian then blasted No Time to Die for its plot which had Daniel Craig playing a different kind of Bond.


” [The World Is Not Enough] is back in the day when James Bond was allowed to f*** hot chicks. Now, they really p*ssified him. In [No Time to Die], it’s so pathetic. He literally takes his girlfriend and his daughter on a mission to save the world. He practically stops off at Target to buy tampons on the way to the underground lair. Because this is the world we live in. But, back in that day, Dr. Christmas, and Denise Richards, was hotter than the sun and still is, but also a brilliant scientist.”

Daniel Craig Says Things Have Changed Since 1962

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The subject of James Bond cutting back on his promiscuity had previously been addressed by Daniel Craig. Speaking about the situation with Yahoo, Craig admits that Bond has “changed a lot” over the course of 25 movies. The actor suggests that these changes are for the better as it more accurately reflects modern life.

“Listen, he’s not done too badly. I hope we’ve sort of changed things. A lot of things that were acceptable in 1962 when they made [the first Bond movie Dr. No] are just not part of the world anymore. And I feel like to have someone that reflects modern life is really important… Bond movies have always sort of mirrored the world around [them].”

Longtime James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli shared her thoughts on the change as well. She explained how Bond has always struggled with his intimate relationships, but with these newer films, they wanted to explore a more romantic side of the character’s personality, doing something new rather than treading the same ground as every previous Bond actor.

“Relationships have always been a challenge for him. And that’s been an area that we’ve really loved exploring, both in the romantic side of his life, but also in his relationships with the people at MI6 that he sort of developed as a family as well. So we really wanted to push the character in those directions as much as possible. And Daniel was the man to do it.”