Better Call Saul Writer Reveals Alternate Walter White Return

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Better Call Saul.

In a mirroring of the past, Better Call Saul’s episode titled “Breaking Bad” saw the long-awaited arrival of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to the series. The action returned to the “Krystal Ship” RV and the moment Saul Goodman became the lawyer of Walter White and Jessie Pinkman in the Breaking Bad episode called “Better Call Saul.” In a new interview, the episode’s writer Thomas Schnauz explained that the episode almost played out differently. He told AMC Blog:

“We were looking for a spot — where [in the timeline] do we show Walter White return? For the longest time we talked about the moment where Brandon Mayhew’s uncle walks through the door and tries to hire him, but that didn’t seem quite right or dramatic enough. Looking back at all the different scenes, we realized it was the space between the kidnapping and when they’re planning how they’re going to save Badger and that just seemed like a real sweet spot to fill in, ‘What do these guys say to each other after the attempted kidnapping during that awkward ride back?’ And in this case the ride back is filled with an awkward RV stall and they have to sit uncomfortably together in the dark looking at each other.”


Now Was The Right Time to Bring Walter White and Jessie Pinkman Back to Screens

Schnauz also went on to explain why it seemed like there was a good reason to bring the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul shows together right now with the return of Walt and Jessie. He continued:

“In the episode, Gene reverts back to his Saul Goodman ways and we wanted to draw a parallel between who Saul was in the past and who Gene is and the reasons he became Saul. In episode 609 we do the 2001 [A Space Odyssey] moment with the bone turning into the spaceship, where Kim breaks up with him and tells him about how she kept the truth from him about Mike and Lalo being alive, and then he goes full Saul Goodman. He needs to do something to numb the pain of the past and being Gene isn’t going to do it. So we wanted to see Saul in the past and see Gene now and see the steps that made him go towards Walter White, where Mike advises him to ‘let it go’ but he can’t because he’s got something inside him nagging at him that he needs to do something bigger and badder to numb the pain of what’s happened in the past. So this just seemed like the right episode to flash back and forth between the Saul Goodman times, the Walter White times, and comparing it to what’s going on in Gene’s world.”

Better Call Saul is now heading into its final episodes, with the penultimate episode airing on Aug 8, with the last ever episode, “Saul Gone,” set to premiere on Aug 15, bringing the latest addition to the Breaking Bad universe to a close. Where the franchise heads next is currently unknown, but it is likely that we haven’t seen the last of these characters just yet.