Better Call Saul Star Rhea Seehorn Says Final Episodes Are ‘Deeply Moving’

It doesn’t sound like Better Call Saul will have the happiest of endings, but the cast and crew have been assuring fans that people will be satisfied with the finale. As of now, the series is currently on a midseason break as fans wait for the final six episodes to start airing in July. The break came at a pivotal moment in the series, cutting off with a tense cliffhanger that has viewers incredibly anxious to see what happens next.

The wait will be worth it, according to series star Rhea Seehorn. Since the first season, Seehorn has shined as fan favorite character Kim Wexler, a partner to Jimmy throughout thick and thin. Because she is not present in Breaking Bad, she is one of few characters who has a fate that is still completely unknown to fans. Given the events of the last episode, many fans feel that Kim’s death is imminent. Others theorize she’ll be calling a certain vacuum cleaner repairman as a way to safely get out of town, starting a new life elsewhere. Or perhaps it’s something that nobody is expecting.


In any case, Seehorn says in a new interview with the New York Post that fans will be satisfied with what the writers have in store. She obviously can’t spoil anything but notes that it would be really hard to explain the events of the next episodes in a nutshell. As Seehorn puts it, it’s a “very psychological” course of events that will clearly leave fans thinking, and even she finds herself still thinking about what happens months after filming the episodes.

“There’s no easy way to explain [what happens] and I don’t mean just because I can’t spoil anything. It’s a bit like playing the game Taboo. It’s like if there were 30 words on the card and you’re trying to make a sentence. I’ve never seen something so complex, dense and very thoughtful but also very exciting. [Showrunner] Peter Gould has been very carefully sorting out complex milestones that have to be hit and things that need to be answered … it’s not just connecting the dots. It’s much more thoughtful. I was mesmerized by how they insisted to be completely true to the characters and advance [the story] forward. It’s deeply moving and fraught and suspenseful and terrifying and devastating and very psychological. I’m still thinking about what happens in these next episodes.”

Fans Can Also Catch Rhea Seehorn in Cooper’s Bar


Rhea Seehorn can be seen in a different role in the short-form comedy series Cooper’s Bar. The series is available on as well as AMC’s YouTube channel and was created by Seehorn, Lou Mustillo, David Conolly, Hannah Davis-Law, and Nick Morton. It follows Seehorn as a Tinseltown executive who arrives at a colorful bar with intentions of using the location to shoot a Cheers-style pilot starring Amy Schumer.

As for Kim Wexler, fans can see what happens next when Better Call Saul returns to AMC and AMC+ on July 11.