Better Call Saul Props to Hit Auction Block After Series Finale

You will soon have your chance to own a piece of television history with screen-used props from Better Call Saul set to hit the auction block. On Aug. 15, Better Call Saul will air its series finale, bringing an end to the story that first began in its parent series Breaking Bad. With the franchise coming to its end, the powers that be are auctioning off many of the show’s most notable props, from a bell used by Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) to the World’s 2nd Greatest Lawyer mug given to Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) by Kim (Rhea Seehorn).

Some of the other items up for auction include Saul Goodman’s Davis & Main water bottle and tie he wore in the acclaimed episode “Bagman”; Charles McGill’s journal and used space blanket; Gus Fring’s (Giancarlo Esposito) Los Pollos Hermanos uniform; Jimmy’s Law School University of American Samoa sweatshirt; a Saul Goodman burner phone; Mike Ehrmantraut’s (Jonathan Banks) parking attendant uniform, sign, and coffee mug; Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant props; skull-tipped boots worn by Marco Salamanca (Luis Moncada); Jimmy’s Zafiro tequila bottle with stopper; and Werner Ziegler’s (Rainer Bock) trophy that was found in his home by Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton).


Put on by Propstore Auction, bidding will begin on Aug. 18, 2022, and last until Sept. 1, 2022. Sony Pictures Television will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Assistance League of Albuquerque and ABQ Mutual Aid of the Southwest Organizing Project, two charities in the New Mexico city where the series was filmed. The positive ways in which Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul were just recently recognized by the erection of bronze statues of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Better Call Saul Brings Saul Goodman’s Story to an End


In the final season of Better Call Saul, the prequel series has been linked to its predecessor in a major way by showing another perspective on the time when Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) meets Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Cranston and Paul have appeared in the series, reprising their Breaking Bad roles, and there may be more appearances to come before the end of the season. This might be the end of the franchise as we know it as well as there are no current plans for any new spinoffs.

For fans not quite ready to say goodbye to this world, the good news is that the door will remain open for more to come. The AMC network brass wants to have another spinoff, and that’s not a surprise, given the success achieved by Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Ultimately, it will have to come down to Better Call Saul creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould to decide if they want to make another show set in that universe, as for now, both are moving on to focus on separate projects.

“I can tell you that if I could do anything to encourage Vince and Peter to continue on in this universe, I would do it,” AMC Studios head Dan McDermott told Variety. “I think you’d have to ask THEM, but the door is always open and I long for the day my phone rings and Vince, Peter or our friends at Sony call to say, ‘Hey, I think we have another show set in this universe.’”

The final two episodes of Better Call Saul will arrive Monday nights on AMC and AMC+.