Batgirl Set for Theatrical Release in 2023…at Least in the U.K.

There has been a lot of speculation about the release of DCEU movie Batgirl, which seemed to be heading directly to streaming despite all other Warner Bros. DC movies now being slated for cinematic releases. It looks now like Warner Bros. has updated their schedule to give Batgirl a theatrical release after all. However, it only seems to apply to the U.K. release of the movie and not the U.S. one.

Batgirl has never been given an exact release date and was just assumed to still be arriving sometime later in 2022 as an HBO Max exclusive, however with a number of changes being made since the Warner Bros. merger with Discovery, along with Covid delays and changes to how some movies are being released, it has all been a little bit up in the air. Now with the movie seeming to be getting a 2023 cinema release in the U.K., it could signal that Batgirl will not be arriving on HBO Max this year. The circulated update was shared on Twitter by Batgirl Film News and can be seen below.


Recently it was announced that Warner Bros. Blue Beetle movie would be moving from being an HBO Max exclusive to getting its own theatrical release next year. This came in the wake of an announcement, that DCEU movies would no longer be made as streaming exclusives, but would always be aiming to be a cinematic experience. At the time, no mention was given to how this would impact Batgirl, but with many DCEU movies such as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, The Flash, and now Blue Beetle already filling up the schedules, will Leslie Grace’s Batgirl debut be joining them in U.S. theaters or not?

Batgirl Has Connections to The Flash Movie

Back in April, it was rumored that Batgirl was being considered for a movie to theatrical release, but since then there has been very little said of the upcoming DC origin movie. One thing that is known is that Batgirl has a shared factor in common with the upcoming The Flash, as they both include the return of Michael Keaton as Batman. The main issue seems to be that with many of Warner Bros. upcoming DC releases changing release dates frequently, it is hard to work out whether Keaton’s two appearances are explicitly linked to each other or not.

Originally both The Flash and Batgirl were set to release this year, but as Warner Bros. shuffled releases around, The Flash was pushed out to 2023, something that in light of Ezra Miller’s recent list of misdemeanors, Warner Bros. is probably thankful for to give the movie a little space before its release. Batgirl was never officially delayed as it didn’t have a specific release date. Now with it also seeming to be heading for a 2023 debut, the questions arise again of just how connected with the rest of the DCEU Batgirl is going to be. With many fans having petitioned for Batgirl to be given a chance on the big screen, it looks like a full theatrical release could once again be on the cards.