Arrowverse Architect Greg Berlanti May Be In Line to Become DCEU’s Visionary

DC Extended Universe is now headed to a new path, with a vision stretched out to the next ten years. Recently, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO, David Zaslav, revealed that the studio is planning on a reset for DCEU. Moving on, the future stories in the DCEU will be a part of a shared continuity similar to the MCU. And to adopt that extensive plan, DC Films and WBD are probably also looking for a single visionary leader who can anchor the franchise into a better future.

According to Variety, Warner Bros. Discovery may be looking for a new executive to head the DC Films division, with Walter Hamada phasing out soon. The report suggests that Arrowverse creator Greg Berlanti could be a potential producer to take on that role at DC Films. Changes are becoming very frequent at DC Films, with several projects canceled, and the future is in a very confusing scenario. In such a case, instating a single visionary executive leader seems like a robust solution to the issues persisting in creative strategies concerning DCEU.


The idea directly inspired by the strategic leadership at Marvel Studios further makes sense given Kevin Feige’s successful track record. Feige has navigated Marvel Studios strongly and has cleverly established a commercially viable and critically acclaimed franchise. For DC to adopt a similar strategy after years of a misguided approach to DC Comics’ catalog’s adaptations is only logical.

It’s still unclear what DC Films plans for the future of DC Extended Universe – a complete reset or a multiversal revitalization. Whatever form it takes, Greg Berlanti can make use of his experience at DC TV and with Crisis on Infinite Earths narrative to tautly rejuvenate the franchise and give it an absolute continuity and timeline of events.

Greg Berlanti Has A Strong Resume

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Berlanti started DC TV projects with Arrow and later expanded that continuity to The Flash. Over the years, the producer thoroughly constructed a multiversal franchise event with series like Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Constantine (retconned via Arrow), and many more. Berlanti has further played a creative and executive role in series like Titans, Doom Patrol, Stargirl, and Superman and Lois. His Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline also brought shows like Smallville, Lucifer, and the movie Superman Returns into the DC Multiverse fold. Berlanti even introduced DCEU to the multiverse by introducing Ezra Miller’s iteration of The Flash in his TV continuity, paving the way for potential multiversal crossovers in the whole DC division, thus, creating infinite possibilities.

Berlanti has essentially done for DC what Feige has done for Marvel and his name being tossed around for the critical leadership role is no surprise. DC Films need a person in charge who has complete creative control over future DCEU projects so the continuity can come out of its years-long struggle to find a balance.

DC Films’ consideration of Berlanti taking over is just speculation for now. There’s no telling when, if true, he will take on the position from Hamada, who is nearing an exit over the recent shake-up at the company. For now, everything is in the air; however, an official statement may follow if the reports come true.