Arnold Schwarzenegger and True Lies Co-Star Tom Arnold Reunite in New Photo

Shortly after the 28th anniversary of True Lies, two of the action movie’s stars reunited in a brand new photo. On Twitter, Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a new image of himself alongside True Lies co-star Tom Arnold. In the tweet, Schwarzenegger writes, “Reunited with my old partner.”

Written and directed by James Cameron, True Lies starred Schwarzenegger as Harry Tasker, a family man who secretly works as a secret agent for the United States. His partner is agent Albert “Gib” Gibson, played by Tom Arnold. The two share many memorable scenes together, making this reunion a nice treat for fans who enjoyed the film.

But this is not the first time the two Arnolds have reunited since True Lies was released. The two are good friends and have reunited in photos posted to social media in the past. This includes a post on Facebook from Tom Arnold commemorating both the film’s 25th anniversary along with Schwarzenegger’s birthday in 2019, as Arnold says he’s been to every single party Schwarzenegger has had ever since they co-starred in True Lies.


“It’s been 25 years since our movie True Lies premiered,” Arnold wrote at the time. “Last night was the 25th birthday party I’ve gone to for my ageless partner/hero/friend Arnold Schwarzenegger. Happy Birthday Buddy!”

It had been a little longer since Jamie Lee Curtis, who played Schwarzenegger’s wife in the film, had seen him since its release. Also in 2019, Curtis and Schwarzenegger reunited for the first time with the former posting an image of the reunion on Instagram. Curtis also said some kind words about her old co-star.

“Together again for the first time,” Curtis said in photo’s caption. “You still take my breath away! Older, wiser but still our essential selves. Learning, loving and laughing all the way!”

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Jamie Lee Curtis Recently Celebrated the Anniversary of True Lies

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Jamie Lee Curtis also just recently took the time to remember her experience with filming True Lies. She posted a photo of herself dangling in the air from a helicopter with James Cameron filming the action from above. The actress also shared the behind-the-scenes story behind the photo, explaining how thrilling it was to film that particular stunt.

“Since I will never write a book and today is the 28th anniversary of TRUE LIES being released I thought I would share this picture,” Curtis wrote. “This was three days before my 35th birthday. We were doing the sequence where Helen is in the runaway limousine and Harry is flying above her in the helicopter. Obviously I did a bunch of it on the road but so did my stunt double, Donna Keegan. The stunt itself of course was one of the most spectacular ever done and Donna deserves all of that credit but we did need a shot of me post being pulled out of the limousine over the burning wreckage.”

She added, “In order to get the shot we had to wire me to the helicopter at base camp and then fly for 20 minutes over the water to get to the 7 mile bridge where the wreckage took place. In the photograph is Joel Kramer who doubled Arnold on the skid and that’s James Cameron hanging out of the passenger seat with the camera. Chuck Tamburo was the pilot and the only requirement I had for the sequence was that somebody have wire cutters in the helicopter in case they had to ditch over water so that I could be separated from it. I saw manatees and it was late afternoon and it was a glorious ride on a wire all thanks to James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger.”