American Horror Story Season 11: Plot, Cast, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

October 5, 2011, marked the beginning of something creepy and boundlessly entertaining, American Horror Story. Through American Horror Story, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk brought their ideas to life. AHS was unlike any series to air on television. And thus, it became one of the most macabre and expansive horror series to date.

American Horror Story has pulled off a twelve-year run, accumulating its share of awards and gaining a solid fandom. The series has molded stories that span across variable time frames and explored many themes. Covens, asylums, haunted houses, carnival sideshows, killer clowns, cults, vampirism, aliens, haunted campsites, and the Antichrist are a few. And they turned their viewers into time travelers with tales in settings as far back as the Roanoke Colony, in the 1500s, to post-apocalyptic times. Unbelievably these creatives are nowhere near finished, as their upcoming season stands as proof. In a few days, fans will have the pleasure of seeing Murphy and Falchuk once more with the premiere of AHS: NYC.


The newest American Horror Story season is set in one of the busiest locales in the modern world, the Big Apple. And as many know, on the streets of New York, anything can happen. Given the current trailers in this season, anything might. This season of AHS gives the fans a little of what they were missing in season 10. NYC will revert from the double feature to its former form, one powerful story. But although it is one story, there is quite a twist.

AHS: NYC: The Plot

The plot is everything. It’s the meat and potatoes of a series. Good storytellers like to maintain intrigue by building the story as it goes. So it’s not abnormal for creators to cloak their plot and give away only enough to stimulate an appetite. There is a bit to dissect in the AHS: NYC teaser/trailer, but there is enough to serve as a small indicator of this season’s plot. Flashy lights illuminate a vibrant club scene, where drinks are flowing, and a sea of people lose themselves in dances of ecstasy. But then there are the shadowy scenes, characters clad in spiked leather, in their grasp toys and tools of bondage, a revelation of a dark, gritty, and unfathomably sinister underbelly, a nightlife with bloody endings.

The trailer is rife with mystique which plays well into the cryptic and telling plot synopsis, which as Entertainment Weekly notes:

” Mysterious deaths and disappearances ramp up in the city. Meanwhile, a doctor makes a frightening discovery, and a local reporter becomes tomorrow’s headline.”

If one is ever so mindful, one will find It all reads like some horrifying byline from 1977, the summer when the “Son of Sam’s” blood-soaked reign of terror reached its height. According to Patch:

In the summer of 1977, New York City was — literally and figuratively — on fire. It was the summer of disco fever, of Studio 54. It was also the Summer of Sam.

However, although there may be some great insight within that nugget, it is far from a confirmation. Because with AHS, no one knows.

AHS: NYC: The Cast


One thing that AHS seemingly nails is its casting. From what we know of season 11, the upcoming season will likely be another casting success. Many fans will be overjoyed to know that AHS: NYC will see the return of some fantastic veteran stars of the series. Patti LuPone, Billie Lourd, and Zachary Quinto are a few who will be coming back. Of course, some new faces are thrown in for good measure. Added to the roster are Russell Tovey, Joe Mantello, and Charlie Carver, to name a few.

Quinto is a veteran among veterans on AHS. His terrifying portrayal of Chad Warwick in season one was integral to the show’s successful beginnings. In AHS: NYC, he will return as Sam, an edgy character with plenty of mystique and a slight air of danger. Patti LuPone first appeared on American Horror Story: Coven as Joan Ramsey.

In Season 11, LuPone takes on the caricature of Kathy, who, from her sophisticated demeanor, appears not only to be well-off but to have an exciting stake in the club scene. Tovey steps into the role of Patrick, who, by all appearances, knows more than a little about crime as he wears the guise of a police investigator. And the ever-popular Lourd, who first walked on to the AHS set in 2017 as Winter Anderson, returns as Hannah. That is only a fraction of the impressive list of star power behind the characters of AHS: NYC.

Release Date


This is far from the end. It is rumored that the creators have inked a deal for at least two more seasons of AHS beyond season 11. Given the breadth of what has already been covered, that seems quite a lofty ambition. But if anyone can pull it off, Falchuk and Murphy can. As for season 11, it’s yet to be seen if the creators have outdone themselves in creating next-level terror.

But, for those needing a little seasonal boost or an AHS fix, tune in to FX/Hulu on October 19, 2022.