American Horror Stories Season 2 Release Date Announced

The second season of American Horror Stories will hit FX and Hulu this July, FX has confirmed. The American Horror Story spin-off is an anthology series that tells a standalone story every episode (except for the series’ first two episodes that followed the story of Rubber Woman). While details have not been released surrounding the season two cast, viewers can expect to see actors from creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s other productions as crossovers are common.

Murphy and Falchuk also serve as executive producers alongside Loni Peristere, Manny Coto, Alexis Martin Woodall, and John J. Gray. Tanase Popa is co-executive producer. Murphy and Falchuk have also worked together on 9-1-1, 9-1-1 Lone Star, American Crime Story, Pose, Glee, Nip/Tuck, The Politician and Scream Queens.


Critical reviews for season one were mixed, usually leaning to the not-so-favorable side, but the show did well with viewers, becoming the most successful launch of any FX on Hulu series to date. American Horror Story series favorites appeared in the anthology including Billie Lourd (whose Ba’al episode proved to be the favorite among critics), Matt Bomer, Naomi Grossman and John Carroll Lynch.

Starting July 21, American Horror Stories will air weekly on FX, with episodes made available the following day on Hulu in the US. American Horror Story is set to return for an 11th season but plot and cast details have not been released.

American Horror Stories Season Two Brings in Fan Request

An episode list on IMDB has gotten American Horror Story universe fans excited. Episode Five, set to air August 18, is titled Bloody Mary, a character fans have long wanted Falchuk and Murphy to feature in the American Horror Story universe.

Before American Horror Story: Double Feature (the series’ tenth season) aired, Murphy took to his instagram stories to ask for votes on possible upcoming themes. He listed Bloody Mary, Plague, Christmas Horror, Sirens, Aliens and the Piggy Man legend (from the sixth season of American Horror Story) as options, with Bloody Mary and the plague bringing in the most votes. Interestingly enough, American Horror Stories featured a Christmas episode during its first season.

The legend of Bloody Mary has terrified children and adults for decades. While the story is that her ghost will appear if you chant her name into a mirror, the real-life Bloody Mary’s origins and identity are still up for debate. The most popular possible candidates are Mary I of England (who was burned at the stake), Mary Worth (whose origin story is disputed), and Elizabeth Bathory (who was accused of vampirism after torturing and killing children). Viewers will have to wait to see Falchuk and Murphy’s version.