Adam Sandler Would Do a Sequel to The Waterboy: ‘I Love Mama’

Would Adam Sandler do a sequel to The Waterboy? The actor himself is clearly open to the idea, perhaps in part just to reunite with his co-stars from the 1998 comedy. Directed by Frank Coraci and written by Sandler and Tim Herlihy, The Waterboy stars Sandler as Bobby Boucher, a waterboy whose talent for tackling has him recruited to a university football team to help lead them to victory. The film also stars Kathy Bates as Helen Boucher, Bobby’s “Mama,” as well as Henry Winkler as Coach Klein and Fairuza Balk as Bobby’s love interest, Vicki Vallencourt.

The Waterboy was a big hit at the box office and is considered by many Sandler fans to be among his best comedies, but the film was never given a proper sequel. Though it’s been about 24 years since the movie was released, there remains a possibility for The Waterboy 2 to come to fruition. There is nothing official in the works, but in a new interview for the Variety Awards Circuit Podcast, Sandler stated he was open to doing the potential sequel with this to say when asked if he would be up for it.


“That would be fun as hell. I love Mama. I love Henry Winkler. I mean, come on. He’s always gonna be Coach Klein to me. But, I don’t know man, it’s funny. I don’t know what the ideas [would be].”

Sandler then goes on to explain how Happy Gilmore is another classic comedy of his that he would be happy to see get a sequel. This echoes previous comments Sandler had made about a potential Happy Gilmore sequel that could follow the easily-angered golfer on a senior tour.

“I did go, ‘Wouldn’t that be fun to do the senior tour of Happy Gilmore, and hang out with all those guys and try to write a great script about Happy as an older guy, and having to calm down his temper and all that stuff. But, I never know. Maybe one day, something like that.”

Captain Insano Is Coming to AEW Television

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It remains to be seen if Adam Sandler will ever end up reprising the role of Bobby Boucher, but fans will soon be able to see at the return of another character from the film. In the movie, Paul Wight portrayed Captain Insano, a professional wrestler and Bobby’s personal hero. Wight recently revealed that he has secured the rights to perform on television for All Elite Wrestling as the Captain Insano character, suggesting that he will be reprising that role for televised wrestling matches. We can only imagine how excited Bobby would be to see it happen.

“He’ll [Captain Insano] be back,” Wight told Wrestling Inc., suggesting he wants to use Captain Insano to help him close out his in-ring career. “The guy who wrote The Waterboy has approved. [AEW promoter] Tony Khan and I have secured the rights to Captain Insano. There’s already an outfit made, the whole nine yards. We’re doing a lot of prep work, and this will be my last hurrah so to speak.”