Actor Lauren LaVera Talks Terrifier 2: ‘I Did Majority of My Stunts’

Lauren LaVera will star as Sienna, Art the Clown’s (David Howard Thornton) new adversary, in Damien Leone’s Terrifier 2. In an interview with Bloody Disgusting prior to the film’s release, LaVera talked about what it was like joining the horror franchise. According to LaVera, she hadn’t actually seen Terrifer before she auditioned, though she had heard of it.

“Like any other job, I got it through my agent and didn’t know much about it. I started with the scene, it was just a mother-daughter scene, so I was like, ‘Oh, it’s a normal family drama,’ and that’s exactly how I approached it until it turned into a horror film. It feels like a family drama until blood and gore start being thrown at you.”

Something else that LaVera didn’t know was how much of a following the first Terrifer had, which made her happy because she didn’t think she would’ve accepted the part if she had known the number of people who loved the film. In LaVera’s own words, it was very daunting. However, LaVera felt supported the entire time by Thornton and Leone.


“Even today, they still make me feel supported by the DMs that I get from fans, which is very daunting to me at times. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, what do I say?’ And they’re very like, ‘It’s okay. We got you. We support you.’ Even though it was daunting, I always felt protected by them.”

What LaVera wasn’t expecting was the amount of DMs from people saying they would make the costume or drag Sienna. LaVera was like, ‘Yes, I’ll cry for that. Please do that.’ However, with that said, she did have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the costume, as it wasn’t as cool to wear as it looked.

“It wasn’t finished when we were about to start, so I was walking around duct-taped into this thing. And it’s not lined on the inside like most costumes; I got blisters on my body from wearing that thing. It was just sticking to me when I was covered in dirt and blood, and it was awful for hours. Then it would dry and cake, and it was just, ugh. But it looks cool, so that’s awesome.”

Other Elements of LaVera’s Performance

Based on the previews, Sienna gets put through the emotional and physical wringer in Terrifier 2. LaVera detailed how, on a recently wrapped project called The Fetus, she talked with Bill Mosely, who played her dad, about “how in horror, you always have to be at a 10 for everything. The stakes are high because you’re fighting for your life. The stakes are survival, so it’s so exhausting.” LaVera found herself using that exhaustion, depression, and discomfort she was feeling for the role, and hopefully, that reads when people see it.

“I did do the majority of my own stunts. There were about three stunts, maybe two that I didn’t do, which I was game for doing, but Damien was like, ‘No, it’s too dangerous. If you get hurt, we’re screwed.’ I had a wonderful stunt woman who did two of those stunts, but in most of the fight scenes, of course, it was all me.”

According to LaVera, stunts are interesting because if you’re the victim, you’re the one who controls how you move, and the aggressor follows that. For instance, when LaVera is being thrown into a wall, it’s her throwing herself into the wall while Thornton is just acting like he was the one doing it. LaVera said that’s the safest way to do it.

Terrifier 2 was released uncut in theaters nationwide on October 6. If you wish to see LaVera as Sienna, tickets are available now.