Aaron Paul Says He’s Finished Playing Jesse Pinkman After Better Call Saul

After six seasons, Better Call Saul is officially over. The end of the series also puts a cap on the Breaking Bad universe with no plans at this time for any more spinoffs to be developed. But that doesn’t mean that another series or even an El Camino-style movie with other characters can’t be made. But, even if that happens, don’t get your hopes up for seeing Aaron Paul return as Jesse Pinkman.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paul addressed his return as Jesse in the final season of Better Call Saul. He described how it felt stepping back into that world and enjoyed how his scenes were set at a time long before Jesse would endure horrific suffering, taking place when the drug dealer was still having a fair amount of fun. It was very different from when he reprised the role for El Camino, which was set immediately after Jesse’s escape.


“Yeah, it was beautiful, and there were so many familiar faces. Many of the people that we shot the Breaking Bad pilot with were still a part of this crew. Of course, I got to reconnect with a lot of them while shooting El Camino, and now, we were zipping on the skin of when Jesse Pinkman and Walter White introduced the world to Saul Goodman. So it was cool to go back to what seemed like the ‘lighter’ times in our characters’ lives.”

For Paul, it was also like no time had passed at all when he was on the Better Call Saul set with his friends and former co-stars. Paul went on to say how much he loves the Jesse Pinkman character, and how he will continue to carry Jesse with him for the rest of his life. However, having revisited the role one more time for Better Call Saul, Paul says he’s completely finished with playing Jesse, feeling confident he’ll never return even if another Breaking Bad spinoff is made. He sees his Better Call Saul appearances as his farewell to Jesse.

“It’s kinda like reconnecting with a very familiar friend. You can be away from that friend for some time, but when you are back in each other’s company, it’s like no time has passed. We all know our characters so well having played them for years, so it felt good. I love Pinkman. He will always have a special place inside of me, but I can confidently say that [Better Call Saul] was the last time we’re going to see Pinkman. So it was a nice farewell.”

Aaron Paul Addressed Jesse Pinkman’s Change in Appearance


One change people noticed when Aaron Paul returned to the role of Jesse Pinkman is that he was noticeably older now than he was when he first began playing the part. That’s obviously nothing new for Better Call Saul with many other actors who are now older playing younger versions of themselves. Paul had a laugh about the comments people had made about his change in appearance but still felt that it was a fun experience, so he was able to let it go along with most of the fans who very much enjoyed the cameos.

“I haven’t aged a bit, let’s be honest. (Laughs.) There’s always going to be people who poke at something. Obviously, I’ve aged; we’ve all aged. But it’s fun, so let that go. I had the time of my life back then, and when I jumped into his skin now, I had the time of my life again. So it was interesting to just be as playful as I could possibly be with him. Pinkman was without a care in the world at that time, especially when you compare it to what lies ahead in his very near future. So it was a beautiful challenge.”

It’s been an amazing ride for Paul and Pinkman, and the same can be said for Bryan Cranston’s Walter White and the other characters in the Breaking Bad world. Meanwhile, Paul has been appearing in Westworld, with the fourth season now streaming in its entirety on HBO Max.