A Quiet Place Prequel Delayed to 2024 by Paramount

The prequel to the horror hit A Quiet Place has been pushed back to 2024 in the latest round of delays from Paramount. Having spent much of the last year delaying the release of movies like Top Gun: Maverick and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Paramount has continued to adjust its schedules as the studio attempts to bring things back to normal following the Covid pandemic. While the initial cinema and studio shutdowns caused no end of problems, it seems that the issues have taken much longer to overcome than first expected, particularly regarding post-production work and visual effects.

A Quiet Place was a unique piece of cinema, with a movie that contained more silence than any other and a creature that was rightly kept out of sight for most of the movie. Of course, as with most horror movies, there has already been one sequel and another is in development, but first, there will be the prequel, A Quiet Place: Day One. The film, which will be directed by Michael Sarnoski, who recently gained attention for the Nicolas Cage movie Pig, was originally scheduled to hit theaters in September 2023 but will now not debut until March 8, 2024.


As well as A Quiet Place: Day One, Paramount also delayed the Ryan Reynolds movie, IF, from November 2023 to May 2024.

The Focus of A Quiet Place: Day One is Currently Unknown

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Like many new projects, the exact plot details of A Quiet Place: Day One have not been revealed. The movie’s title was finally revealed back in April, and it will be set in a completely different time to the events of the original movie and its sequel. Due to this change in focus, the film will not feature Emily Blunt and will seemingly have a whole new set of characters and take place somewhere else in the country, or possibly even the world.

When the film was originally announced, it was to be directed by Mud helmer Jeff Nichols, but when Nichols pulled out of the project, Sarnoski stepped into the breach. As well as directing the movie, he will also be writing the screenplay, which is based on a story that franchise star and director John Krasinski came up with around the time of the second movie’s release.

Although the prequel will not directly involve the characters of the first movies, Krasinski has been building a universe around the story, and therefore it is possible that the events of this film will somehow lead directly into what happened in A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place: Part II. Of course, the send sequel that is also in the works and currently set for release in 2025 will likely bring the franchise back to the familiar territory set out in the first installment.

Although there is no guarantee that A Quiet Place: Part III will not also be delayed, with three years until that film is due to arrive in 2025, there will hopefully be enough time for the current kinks being felt in the industry to be ironed out and fans will have just a short wait between the prequel and the new sequel’s release.