A Christmas Story Cast Members Might Buy Ralphie’s House

The famous house in Cleveland that was used for the Parker family home in A Christmas Story is currently up for sale, and as it turns out, it just might be bought by some of the holiday classic’s cast members. Released in 1983 by director Bob Clark, A Christmas Story has long been considered to be one of the greatest holiday movies of all time. It is so revered that fans travel from all over to visit “Ralphie’s house” in Ohio where the movie was filmed, which even offers overnight stays to guests for the complete experience.

This week, however, it was revealed that the house is on sale, though it wasn’t specified exactly how much it would be. The listing comes with much more than just the Parker house, as it also includes the nearby Christmas Story museum, another house used for the Bumpus home, and other nearby lots that the current owner has acquired at different points in time. This is all to say that the price isn’t likely to be cheap, especially with the potential of continuing on with the business of having the house serve as a popular tourist attraction.


Per TMZ, former child actor Yano Anaya says he’s teamed up with some of the other cast members of A Christmas Story to possibly purchase the property. Anaya, who plays young Grover Dill in the movie, did not specific exactly which other actors he’s spoken with about the potential sale. However, he does say that he would find it fitting for cast members from the film to become its owners four decades later.

“It only makes sense to have the cast run the show,” he said.

One reason Anaya says he’s trying to keep the ownership of the property within the franchise’s family is because there’s a growing concern over what might happen with it. It’s always possible that the land could be acquired by someone who’s not a fan of A Christmas Story, possibly leading to a remodeling or even a demolishing of the iconic house. The hope is that the house will continue to be open to the public after the sale is complete, whoever winds up becoming the new owner.

A Christmas Story Christmas May Repopularize the Tourist Attraction


HBO Max is gearing up for the premiere of A Christmas Story Christmas, which serves as a legacy sequel to the original movie from 1983. Peter Billingsley even makes his return as an adult Ralphie Parker in the film. However the movie performs with fans, chances are it will bring some renewed attention to the original movie. That could in turn bring more fan interest to the Parker house in Cleveland, suggesting that there might be a lot of money to be made moving ahead for anyone that becomes the buyer.

According to the realtor, Chad Whitmer, he’s expecting the property to sell for at least eight figures. He claims to have already received hundreds of potential buyers corresponding with him about a possible sale. Whitmer is likely using the newfound attention to the original film as a bargaining chip for the final price.

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